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Handmade Hamburger Workshop Toshi

Handmade Hamburger Workshop Toshi


We went to “Handmade Hamburger workshop Toshi” where delicious hamburger steak is available near Odori station ◎

It might not be except the family restaurant to eat the hamburger at eating out. Lol


When you go inside, the good smell of meat is burnt ♪

It is a small shop only of the table seat.

The menu is of course hamburger, but you can choose from a variety of toppings and sauces.

Rice, salad also seems to come with a set!

After the order, the first salad came ◎


This is a pretty volume!

It’s so fresh and delicious!!

There seems to be quite a lot of this salad.

Toshi Special Temriyo-tama Hamburger (200g)

I rode on a hot iron plate ◎

I put a hot ball of another dish, and try to divide the hamburger…


Plenty of gravy ♪

This looks delicious!!


I’ll have you sizzle with the baked stone in the corner of the iron plate ◎


Fluffy Fuwa, soft and juicy ♪

It is truly a specialty store!!

Without a teriyaki sauce What, the warm ball will also make you mellow.

We had a delicious hamburger after a long time. The hamburger is also good in eating out occasionally. Lol

It seems to be a little cheaper for lunch ◎

Also with the line.


Handmade Hamburger Workshop Toshi

● Address

Hokkaido 2-5 Minami Ichijo-Nishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo Minami Ichijo K Bldg. B1F
Business Hours

Lunch 11:00 ~ 15:00 (L.O.14:30)

Dinner 17:30 ~ 21:00 (L.O.20:30)

● Telephone


● Regular holiday

Sunday and Thursday Dinners


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