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In search of a B-class gourmet in Kanagawa (6)-Miyagino Onsen in the back of Hakone, and hot spring stew bread of famous bakery in Miyanoshita

In search of a B-class gourmet in Kanagawa (6)-Miyagino Onsen in the back of Hakone, and hot spring stew bread of famous bakery in Miyanoshita

30 minutes by car from Odawara,
Further from Hakone, at the tip of Gora
I went to go to the hot spring.

Heartless, the Miyagino Onsen Kaikan
Closed (T_T)
The bad thing goes on…

There is a cheap public hot spring facility in Miyanoshita,
The hotel is very clean and the rooms are clean.

So, if you’re looking for something in the Miyagino anyway,

There was a day-spa facility which became the hot spring of Kantaro.


800 yen and higher, but the belly is not replaced by the back.
Hakone is still the cheapest one…

I was so angry,

The Red wing foliage, please put out the coupon in the smartphone,
100 yen to 700 yen (^^)

This is a survivor!

I entered the shop immediately, and let’s soak.


There is no sauna in the room.
But the temperature is high, so the hot springs
There is no need for a sauna… (̄ ̄;)

Although it was a hot spring water with a little impact,
The body is not cold easily after it leaves.
In fact, the ingredients seem to be thick…
It’s Hakone. (^^)

There are tea and water in the rest area.
Can be hydrated.

And then we’re going to
The famous Watanabe Bakery in Miyanoshita


There are three parking spaces 50 metres away.
If it’s full, you can just park in the free parking area for 30 minutes nearby.

The hot springs were abandoned in front of the Watanabe bakery.
Very mockingnai…

Well, apart from that,
The specialty here is hot spring stew bread.

Beef stew made with hot spring water
One product that is put in a hollow bread.
It seems to make it after receiving the order.

But this is because the bread melts and breaks,
It is forbidden to take away.
I have to eat on the table bench.

Order the set to be near 1000 yen.


And the contents are…


Meat and carrots were rolling in.
Beef Stew It’s just one thing (^^)

Eat the ingredients first,
I put a beef stew on the lid and ate it.
In the place where the contents have become small, it is likely to tear off the bread of the circumference and eat.

But, because the house is half by one,
Crush the ingredients with a spoon and make it as small as possible
I put it on bread and made it easy to eat.

Both of the ingredients are soft and boiled.
The taste is a fine beef stew.

It seems that the price near 1000 yen of the set is seemingly high,
If you think about bread, stew and coffee,
It is a good one.

Because one of the two is ashamed of the bread,
I also buy coffee bean bread.


Coffee is kneaded in the
This is surprisingly delicious.
Beef Stew bread as well
This is also recommended.

As an aside, but this is close after,
It was a rest again though it went to the general store which sold the hot spring at 20L300 yen.

If you can clear even here,
The hot spring sale for the general public in Kanto
It’s going to be complete…

I wanted to knock at the shop.
There is no space to park the car.
I had to give up (T_T)

Because there is no char, it is in the Princess hot water of Dairadai
I stopped by the hot spring sale,
Also Closed (> _
I’m not getting over it today…

This “food-based blog” I’m writing Now,
It was good because I could eat beef stew.
If this is a “Hot spring system Blog” That was written before,
It was a pun…

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