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In search of a B-class gourmet in Kanagawa (7) The Museum of Kamaboko was a free and well-stocked tour facility and fried Kamaboko?

In search of a B-class gourmet in Kanagawa (7) The Museum of Kamaboko was a fully-stocked tour facility that was not thought to be free & fried Kamaboko??

We came down from the mountain in Hakone,
It is near the Kazamatsuri station.
I decided to stop by the place where there were many facilities of Suzuhiro.

This is the famous Suzuhiro of high-class Kamaboko,
Souvenir shops and food courts,
In the opposite side of the road, such as dining room,
A lot of facilities are lined up.

I push it as a B-class spot among them,
It is a museum of this kamaboko.


Because it is attached to the factory even if it is said the museum,
It’s like a factory tour.

The entrance fee is free,
The facilities are very good.


The classroom of how to make Kamaboko is done for a fee,
We only visit (^^)


Other, how to make a Kamaboko,
You can tour the history,
The equipment is made to think hard.

On the second floor, the use of high-tech?? Video equipment,
Very interesting (^^)

Well, after the tour, go to the place of souvenir,
Let’s see the various.

There are six kinds of tasting such as kamaboko and fried,
You guys were pinching (^^)

I also lost the taste (^ Q ^)


It is a delicious and truly suzuhiro.
The taste is thick, and the flavor comes out enough to chew if chew.

High high and had shunned, but
This is a must to convince…

On the Factory tour,
Because I feel awkward not to buy anything by tasting it,
At the food court,
I bought a stick on a skewer.


This is a delicious without a HANPA!!
It seems to be fried by grinding rice and fish,
The taste and the flavor are great.
Such a delicious kneading system, the first time I ate (^^)

Fruit of Satsuma fried and Kamaboko??
Suzuhiro, ̄ ̄;)

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