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In search of the B-class gourmet in Kanagawa-(3) Cheap seafood bowl of the topic shop @ Chigasaki

In search of the B-class gourmet in Kanagawa-(3) Cheap seafood bowl of the topic shop @ Chigasaki

Because I heard the information that there is a shop of the cheap seafood bowl in Kanagawa,
That verification was one of the purposes of this trip.

Although it opened only a few years ago,
From the price and taste, it seems to have become a reputable shop soon.


This Umidon store,
It is near Chigasaki station, and it is in the back of the post office,
The place was soon found.

There is no parking lot, but it hurts.
There is a paid parking lot nearby,
It will not be troubled at the time of emergency.


The making and the system of the shop
It is similar to the rice bowl round of the Seafood Bowl chain.
Take the main takeaway, but this is possible.

The “Umidon” which contains seven kinds of ingredients
I ordered it with takeout of the ingredients large-sheng.
(The average was 600 yen or less)

It was regrettable that the horse mackerel of Sagami Bay had not been sold out, but the freshness of the squid was surprised to be outstanding.
The rice vinegar is also delicious.


It seems to have been introduced on TV. I’m so impressed. (^^)


Reference (^^)
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Now, using the previous blog ended a little experiment (-_-;)
Some people are bothering you. m (__) m

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