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In search of the B-Class gourmet in Kanagawa (5)-start of the second day of the crushing continued, a-class sashimi set @ Odawara Hayakawa fishing port

In search of the B-Class gourmet in Kanagawa (5)-start of the second day of the crushing continued, a-class sashimi set @ Odawara Hayakawa fishing port

Well, the second day, after nine in the morning to Hayakawa fishing port

First, I want to eat a delicious fish dish (^ q ^)

The cafeteria on the second floor of the Odawara market.
I was worried about the seafood Ochazuke of the Odawara-no-Osamu center.

For now, I can not forget the sashimi I ate before,
I went to the cafeteria on the market.

Compared to the last three years ago,
All of them had been raised significantly/

(The last article I went ↓ ↓)

This person since the sales tax went up,
This pattern is really a lot (T_T)

It was a story more than ten years ago that the market meal was cheap.

Since it has been taken up well in recent years in TV,
Because there are many customers in the market,
There was a lot of bullish places.

If it is the market of sightseeing spots in Kanagawa and Chiba,
The tendency is strong even more so…
(There are a lot of shops which decorate the sign of the entertainer in the cafeteria of the market. This will prove to be aired.

The morning meal that I ate was a hike of 100 yen
Nearly 800 yen.
This price of this content,
Well, the impression is that it is an omacase…


Well, if you don’t understand,
It’s just a good story.
The only thing that is cheap and cheap to eat
It’s my unmorality…

The three kinds of sashimi eaten the last time.
Three years ago it was 1,000 yen,
This place was raised nearly 200 yen.


The item of the subject fly is 700 yen!!
I know it’s delicious, but
Horse mackerel This amount is not to pay the Sasaga,
I have to give up (T_T)

The sashimi was truly a good salvation.
The yellowtail is pulp sweetness, smell is not.
Tuna is also a market thing indeed. It’s a good sit-down taste.
The squid is easy to eat soft. The freshness is outstanding.

If this is a high level
Celebrities who live in Yokohama Kamakura and other
For the rich people who live in the Tokyu and Sotetsu line, including Niktama
As A Class Gourmet restaurant that grabs your stomach
It will be prosperous in the long run. (^^)
The taste is a first class product…

Eh, I σ (^_^;)???
Oh, no more unreasonable (~ _ ~;)
The two total average of one meal 2,000 yen is prohibited in principle…
Even if it does not go to here by the transportation expense, a similar thing is can eat in the near place.

This time, it was good in the shop of Ochazuke (T_T)
This is the only way to challenge next year…

I discourage to go to the hot springs…

But the hot springs will continue to be crushed
It was not good to know at this time either. … (T_T)

Like me,
If you have a hobby to enjoy the poor travel!!
Thank you for your support m (__) m
↓ ↓

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