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It is eaten by the B class gourmet of Yokohama Chinatown-one coin (without tax), and Sanmer Noodle (a bonus in Koto-ku Fireworks festival)

It is eaten by the B class gourmet of Yokohama Chinatown-one coin (without tax), and Sanmer Noodle (a bonus in Koto-ku Fireworks festival)

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This time
Go get a fresh article on the Hoyahoya… (Knock ̄ ο ̄) knock

Theme is
Is there a B-class gourmet in Yokohama China Town?

Yesterday, just to verify that thing,
It spent two hours in the car, and it went purposely to Yokohama (̄ □ | | | |)!!

Long ago
“A lot of cheap and delicious places to go a step back from the main street…”
And there was a saying,
Now, other than some luxury stores,
I feel like the difference is missing so much.

Still some small stores
I’m working hard to get even more cheap menu

Over the last eight years.
It became easier to go to China town even cheaper,
It’s so cheap.
Do you care if you’re going to be able to do that?

While thinking about what
It was this shop that I chose to enter.


The cheap menu of these stores
Menu in general
“B-Class gourmet”
I think it is good to specify,
If you do not identify the goods, as a very B class gourmet
It may not be recognised…

In such, I dare to raise some specialties menu!!
If it is said,

I’m definitely an orthodox Chinese noodle.
Fried pork loin and spare ribs with curry powder and sittin’ with Dawn

“Pako (ico) noodles”
This is a high price, the lowest price is around 900 yen…
There are a lot of shops not put in Chinatown.

Somewhere else.
Only a few fine Chinese restaurants
It’s something you can’t see.
These luxury items are
It’s against the spirit of B-class gourmet…

So the next menu I chose was


It is a Sanmer noodle born in Yokohama China Town!!

This is a long-established restaurant in Chinatown.
At first, it was made as a board.

So the price range is
In the noodle menu in Chinatown
There are many cases which are offered the cheapest.

Except for takeout and walking and eating items,
The lowest price is can eat mono (* ́ ∇ ‘ *)
(By the way, it was 540 yen including tax) at this shop.

This is a Sanmer noodle
The ingredients are fried with pork, leek and squid.
The one that was lightly Anne-like
It was a Chinese soup and noodle.
Depending on the shop, the difference between salty or soy sauce taste,
There is a difference in whether Ann is hardened or thin.

The shop I ate, the sammer noodles,
The taste of the oyster and the sauce tasted very slightly, but
This matched the noodle like an interesting one.

I like the ramen version of Shanghai grilled Soba…

Because board is our roots,
The taste will vary depending on the store.
This difference is also a big point of B-class gourmet.

Incidentally, the Sanmer noodles,
It seems to be a local ramen of Kanagawa,
It is said that there are many shops dealing in the entire Gulf part of Kanagawa Prefecture.


If you go by more than one person,
I ordered another dish with a + α
It might be good to share it with everyone.
It might be a story. (^^)

Well, the way back to the belly was a pan in Chinatown,
I went to the fireworks festival in Koto-ku.
This was originally planned (-_-;)



The fireworks festival near Odaiba from this year
It seems to pause for a while to prepare for the Olympics.
For a while, there is no choice but to endure here and Sumida River, Itabashi, Adachi per…
There is no such thing as this fireworks festival is extremely crowded,
It was a pretty good spot.

The type of fireworks and the number of launches are no big deal,
Light and city lights of the capital height becomes illumination,
It is the real thrill of this fireworks display that unites with fireworks.
I want to look forward to next year.

In scale, this weekend’s Ichikawa-Edogawa fireworks display is recommended. This is amazing.

In addition, avoid the crowded place,
If you want to see the Yupkuri from afar,
I recommend the bank near Kunodai station of Keisei.
Some fireworks are not seen,
There is no shortage of liquor and knobs, so it does not mix well.

The fireworks of the Matsudo fireworks display are seen in the rear though it is small.
It is only here that I can enjoy three of the Matsudo of Edogawa, Ichikawa, and the bonus at one time.

The rest of the Chinese town Neta,
In conjunction with other Kanagawa Neta in autumn, I will post together.

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To B class gourmet ranking

To the local gourmet ranking

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