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It was also featured on Saturday’s Ad street, the Sea of Odawara fishing port (some additions)

It was also featured on Saturday’s Ad street, the Sea of Odawara fishing port (some additions)

This is neighborhood to be taken up in AD street yesterday.
Do you want to post it for the time being? (^^;
Here, there is a cafeteria on the second floor of the market in Odawara fishing port (Hayakawa port),
It becomes a popularity point little by little.

This article,
Actually, it will be posted two months later
I had just finished my draft…

It’s important to have a timely story… (-_-;)


Because there are a few people involved in the market,
First of all, you never fail.


I wanted to be fluent in fried foods, boiled fish and sashimi.
Steak with daily stew is sold out by the difference of touch (> _


Well, fried and sashimi delicious mazmaz,
Do you want to do it well?

Sashimi set and seafood rice bowl is about 1000 yen
Well, it is the difference between putting it separately or putting it on a bowl…

In addition, if you ask for miso soup of horse mackerel,
It may be better to ask for rice and separately than to ask for a set meal.
It is a little more expensive, but you can enjoy more…


This is the market, but the cafeteria is also on Saturdays and Sundays.

However, in the thing that there is also the thing that becomes a procession by the super-
You need to be careful.

It closes in the afternoon,
Because it is sold out after another,
If you stop by, it might be better in the early hours…

I like the breakfast set in the morning.
It’s just a little sashimi, but the price was cheap.

In addition to the restaurant in the market, this store
They run a restaurant like the culinary arts in the city.

Anyway, because I discovered this fish market cafeteria in guru Navi, do you put it on? (^^)

If you take a walk near the market,
There are many shops selling dried fish.
Choi and High shop, but also seems to be doing seafood barbecue.

There is also a shop in front of the market.


I can eat sashimi system here too (^^)

Personal assessment

Tri One dog two, total 3 points ♪

Because it is Kanagawa, the price is expensive.
Sashimi, even if you reduce the amount per product, I wonder if I wanted one dish

But this effort is great (^^)
It is unusual for the Kanagawa Bay Area, and the parking lot is very thankful for free

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