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Jinya Kashiwara: The Jinya of the Oda family ruled that the palace Hall and Nagyakun were left at that time.

Jinya Kashiwara: The Jinya of the Oda family ruled that the palace Hall and Nagyakun were left at that time.

Jinya Kashiwara (Kaibara) is a temple that was built as a mansion of the Oda family in the Edomae period (Genroku ERA), and the descendants of Oda Nobuo (Natalia) were transferred from the Uda Matsuyama clan in 2 million stones since Nobuo. The land of Kashiwara was the place where Nobunaga’s younger brother Nobukane (Nobu) started up the Kashiwara clan in the Keicho period, and it severed after the third generation and it became the Shogunate direct territory (celestial territory). After the club, the Oda family served as the Lord in their ninth generation until the Meiji period. The building at the time was the front door, Nagyakun, and Taiko tower, and in particular the Nagyakin was an early building built by the year of the year 1714. There are many places in the area, such as Oda shrine and Oda house temple.

Basic Data >
Name: Jinya Kashiwara (Wikipedia)
● Location: Kashiwara-machi, Tamba-shi ( map )
● Built principal: ODA Nobukane/ODA Shin-kyu
● Castle: 1598 (Keicho)/1713 (Seitoku 3 years)
-Remains: Palace front door, Nagyakamon, Taiko Tower, Oda house temple

Date of Visit: June, 2016

Visit >

kaibara-jinya-2480a-2501sStarted sightseeing in Kashiwara. First of all, go to the tourist office in the center. I have a map.

kaibara-jinya-2480b-mapGoogleMap the entire ruins arrangement. At the bottom left is JR Kashiwara station. He is currently in the tourist office next to the “Tree Root Bridge” in the central part.

kaibara-jinya-2481a-2492Information on historic sites. Jinya (front door), Nagananmen Gate, museum, Oda House temple, Taiko Tower. The tree Nehashi and Oda shrine in front of the tourist office also visit.

kaibara-jinya-2490This is the root bridge of the tree. It is suppressed by the stick so that a large tree which grows in the river does not fall.

kaibara-jinya-2491a-2489The root of a tree is the roots of a tree stepping across a river like a bridge. The root which extends beyond the trunk.

kaibara-jinya-2496From the root side. Did the roots grow along the bridge?

kaibara-jinya-2500The Oda shrine is in front of the road of the tree root bridge. A splendid tree torii.

kaibara-jinya-2501a-2499ODA Shrine Explanation board. In the flow to which Nobunaga’s younger brother Nobukane (Nobu) was a clan father, the first term Kashiwara clan was abolished without childless in the age of grandchild Nobukatsu though it started in the Keicho period. After that, Kashiwara became the celestial territory.

kaibara-jinya-2502Then, we went to the Taiko tower southwest of Oda shrine. It is relocated in the precincts of the Okura shrine.

kaibara-jinya-2504Okura Shrine and Taiko Tower. It seems to be formal here to write the tower in hiragana.

kaibara-jinya-2505Tower Taiko explanation board. The Taiko tower, which had been built adjacent to the major gate, was used for the news of the time and the fire, because the drum was hung on the top floor of the three-storey building. While the construction time of the tower is unknown, it has been used since the Uda Matsuyama Clan era of Nara (Yamato country) that the Lord Shin-Kyu was ruled before the late Kashiwara clan can, it has been found from the inscription that has been brought to the time of transfer.

kaibara-jinya-2508Tower Taiko. I wanted to see the inside by all means. Is the drum still being hung?

kaibara-jinya-2512Then, let’s finally go to Kashiwara Jinya mark. The site becomes an elementary school, and the hall and the front door remain in the corner.

kaibara-jinya-2518The Kashiwara Clan Jinya Trail explanation board. It is not the one of Nobunaga’s younger brother’s age, and the one built in the Nobuo descendant credit leave period afterwards. The table Palace disappeared once by the fire, and was rebuilt in the late Edo period (circa 1820), and Nagananmen was the one in the period of credit leave. It is said that the stance which continues from the gate to the front door remains as it is only here Jinya Kashiwara of the Jinya ruins in the whole country.

kaibara-jinya-2519The explanation board of Nagyakamon. There is the thing that Shin-Kyu built as the front gate of the palace in 1714 in existence. It is said that the inside of Nagyaken is a bankaku of the tatami floor, the horse attraction of planking, and a gun depot.

kaibara-jinya-2520From the diagonal of Nagasado. The room on the front side is a banjo with tatami mats. Now the azalea is planted and the atmosphere is very beautiful.

kaibara-jinya-2523Nagayamon The room on the right is a horse attraction.

kaibara-jinya-2523a-2521Entrance to Nagyakamon. The retainer etc. went in and out from the side of the Katsumodus, and only “great Mr.” Of the Lord and the old class might have come in and out from a large door in the center. You can see the palace front door in the back.

kaibara-jinya-2524The entrance hall is seen in the front yard beyond the Nagananmen gate. The strange tower which is seen over the roof of the palace is a building of the elementary school. Tactless

kaibara-jinya-2524a-2529The other side of Nagyakun.

kaibara-jinya-2525a-2569The Palace front door. The only part of the ceremony is the roof, and the interior is tiled. Of course, the building part of the tile roof was a building at that time.

kaibara-jinya-2526a-2562A front door stand Pretty respectable. The roof of the shingle is very beautiful with curves. The roof is made by overlapping while shifting the board of thin Wood gradually, it is possible to change the shape of the roof freely by how to overlap, the thinness of the plate, etc. (It takes a lot of trouble), Japan ancient original technology.

kaibara-jinya-2526b-2564From diagonal to the front door. I feel the dignity that the ODA family extraordinary from the point condition of a beautiful curve and the tip and the upward adjustment.

kaibara-jinya-2526c-2566The Palace front door. A beautiful pine like the bonsai is planted, and it 、、、 feeling very good, and the elementary school like the strange Tower in the back is anxious. Why did you build a prominent tower right next to the historic palace of the country? Tactless

kaibara-jinya-2526d-2568Further from the diagonal angle. The atmosphere is likely to wrap around the back of the building of the Jinya from the right back, but the back is not noticed at the time of visit is not visited.

kaibara-jinya-2527A wooden tile with a gold-colored ODA tree that was set up on the ceremony. It is the family crest of the Oda family. Is it the one that the plate of thin iron was pasted to the type made with not the tile but the tree even if it is said the Ontile?

kaibara-jinya-2528This is a highly decorative tile that is installed at the top of the roof of the ceremony, and has been dug by the ODA tree melon crest. If the figure of the demon is not carved accurately, it is called “Demon Board”. The round part “bird Obusuma” is seen to be a Cheung mage.

kaibara-jinya-2531The inside of the table is a roof of the palace, with a finely decorated and solemn decoration, such as “fish” and “canopy”. I wonder if the color was painted at that time but was faded brown.

kaibara-jinya-2531a-2559The canopy is also a decorative thing like the wave pattern on the top of the tree.

kaibara-jinya-2532And on the tip of the vertical beam is the “fried Butterfly (Agehacho)” crest.

kaibara-jinya-2533Major entrance stand. You can enter the palace from here only the great people of the Lord class. The inside of the palace can be entered with the same ticket as the museum, but it is up to here for the photo NG.

kaibara-jinya-2558The shutters were closed around.

kaibara-jinya-2573On the left side of the palace entrance, the place where the plane was restored remains.

kaibara-jinya-2573b-2572The plane restoration part next to the table Palace.

kaibara-jinya-2573c-2571Jinya Traces and Table Palace of the monument. It is said that it is the one that the left side was renovated in the Showa era in the ceremony stand (entrance) part of the previous palace. The existing part is only the right side from the entrance.

kaibara-jinya-2574This is a round tile with an ODA tree.

kaibara-jinya-2575The ogre board, the bird Obusuma, etc. where the ODA tree melon was carved.

kaibara-jinya-2576a-2517There is a museum in front of Nagyakun gate. The entrance fee is 200 yen, and it doubles as entrance of the table Palace. There are exhibits such as the artifacts and the palace diorama related to the Oda family, and must be missed. The statue of the Lord Oda Nobukane was beside the museum.

kaibara-jinya-2577Let’s visit the “Oda House Temple” where the Lord of the late Kashiwara clan sleeps. It is at the foot of the north of the Jinya ruins in the residential area.

kaibara-jinya-2578This is the entrance of the Oda family temple. Originally, it was the precincts of Tokugen-ji temple, which was the family temple of the Oda family, but since Tokugen-ji became a deserted temple after the Meiji Restoration, only the temple place remains in this way, and it has become rundown whether it is not controlled so much.

kaibara-jinya-2579Explanation Board of the Oda House temple. The tomb of Shin-Kyu is the fourth five-tower from the front left.

kaibara-jinya-2580Rundown’s earthen fence. Compared to the jinya of National Historic sites and Nagananmen of the city designated cultural properties, the Oda mausoleum is a town designated cultural property. The difference of treatment is understood.

kaibara-jinya-2583This is the tomb of public Credit. It is a very splendid five tower.

kaibara-jinya-2584Full view of the Oda House temple. It was in the foothills of a little hill.

After the change of Honnoh temple, Oda clan was swallowed by the flow of the times. One of the Oda family who became a feudal lord and continued until the Meiji era, Jinya Kashiwara is a place I want to suppress if history fans.

Date of Visit: June, 2016
Photographic equipment: FUJIFILM X-M1 + XF14mm
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