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Kanagawa B-Class gourmet list (limited Time article) @ Shodo Saitama Screening Memorial indeed Kanagawa!! High consciousness??

Kanagawa B-Class gourmet list (limited Time article) @ Shodo Saitama Screening Memorial indeed Kanagawa!! High consciousness??

It is a commemoration of the Saitama screening in Shodo,

Let’s follow the Kanto region in order.

The first is to show respect,
Let’s write’ll have in Kanagawa Prefecture…

Even so,
Rank in the upper Kanto caste,
Kanagawa Kenmin sama,

The height of this consciousness becomes one of the Neta…
↓ ↓

Mr. Matsu ⚪ de ⚪ ex, Angry 😅
↓ ↓

As a tool revived the city, if you are so conscious
I don’t need a B-class local!? ️

Because I don’t need embark upon.

So, everybody in Kanagawa Ken Min
The local B-class gourmet in Kanagawa,
Please give it to me. M (__) m

Joking aside _ (^^;) plains?
In the film, these “heights of consciousness”
I want to pay attention to how to draw it.

Kanagawa Kenmin People
It’s supposed to be very conscious of food,
The side of the store will be out of hand…

Even if it is a product of the B class gourmet price,
I think that the tongue of Kanagawa Kenmin is not satisfied if it does not put out a moderate thing…

If I tried to be serious, the cost would be even higher, and it would be troublesome. I have to raise the result selling price.

… If you use a strange thing to go down reputation,
The people of the restaurant in Kanagawa are a lot of 、、、 (–;)

Well, anyway,
It’s not fair to introduce only B-class local gourmet in Kanagawa.
I’ll post it here 😓

(1) Atsugi Shirokoro hormone
Because there are a lot of pig farmers in Kanagawa and Nishi-Shonan,
Naturally Speaking of course,
It is unexpected to eat the people who might be like Kanagawkenin and “Throw away”!! (⊃ Д) ⊃ ≡ °

Well, it’s a joke (^_^;)
It looks like there are many near the station in Hon-Atsugi 、、、


It looks like a cylindrical visual and freshness is life.

(2) Sanmarmen


It seems to be board rice in Chinatown.
Both are eaten in less than 1000 yen,
From the bulging eyes, it is often the lowest price setting in Chinatown.
I want to eat at a shop on the back street in Chinatown.

It is interesting that the taste and the visual are completely different depending on the shop,
You’ll see the direction of the store.

(3) Chinese cuisine
It is a class A main Street, but there are a lot of shops which can eat the set menu at 1000 yen or less if going to the back street like Sanmarmen.
Until recently, the state that the price was considerably more than the bubble period continued for a long time.


It is also fun to eat dim sum without eating a set.
This is this, but it is unexpectedly expensive 、、、 😓

(4) Yokohama Genealogy Ramen


The photograph is the thing which ate in the side,
Not original Honmoto, Choi and break 😅

It’s a family ramen with many forms claiming to be ○ ○ Ya,
The real thing seems to be very slight.

It’s a deep world that I can’t talk about.
Referring to the site that says how to distinguish between real and authentic.


In general,
Pork bone soy sauce, slightly thicker noodles, select the number of hardness density fat,
It is characterized by the topping of spinach, blue-colored vessel, and rice free.

(5) Seafood in Sagami Bay

It’s frustrating, but I admit the Ajigasawa in this area is the most delicious in the Kanto 😭
The smell is too thick to taste.

And, the level of the rotation sushi is considerably high.
Isezaki Mall is a fierce battleground with a lot of rotating sushi shops other than major chains.

The recommended shop at B class Gourmet price,
UMIDON in Chigasaki and the shop,
Revolving sushi called “Masosuke Honten” in the area of Aiko Ishida.

Seriously, Masnosuke Honten is amazing!! (B)
This is a restaurant that symbolizes the gourmet level of Kanagawa.


(6) Misaki Tuna ramen
Misaki can be eaten at the port. Ramen with unique broth.
There are also tuna croquettes.
Naturally, many shops, such as tuna rice bowl, are expensive…

(7) Shirasu cuisine
The Shonan is famous for Silas.
Overall, the smell is very good.

One of the definition of B-class gourmet, corresponding to the [Don], there is also a cheap menu that can be said barely B class Gourmet,
Is this safe here 、、、

In the three-color rice bowl of shirasu, it was also in raw Silas.



(8) Yokosuka Navy Curry
The king of Curry, the original source of the Navy curry is useless explanation.
If you do not drink the milk that comes with, because it does not become a thing to capture, it is a demon gate for milk hate like me

Because I lost the photograph when I ate it in the locale,
、、、 A picture of the time of Tsuchiura Curry Festival


By the way, the curry of the real Yokosuka Navy curry fish which I ate in Yokosuka was more yellow yellow.

This shop closed once, but it seems to have revived since last year.

(9) Black egg of Hakone
It is a specialty of Owakudani, but you can buy something similar in the shopping district of Hakone Yumoto Station for the time being.


(10) Ekiben
The local gourmet in Kanagawa
It is not too much to say that it is summarized in Ekiben.

First of all, I see here and there in Kanto,
The shop of Simai, Sakiyoke is originally from Kanagawa.


It’s going to be a barre.
In the movie,
It seems to be responsible for key items 、、、


And, it is seen well in Ofuna-Odawara,
Horse mackerel sushi and snapper rice

18 tickets I want to go out in one hand (^-^)

(11) Western Food in Yokohama

There are many places where the price exceeds 1000 yen.
There is a shop where it is possible to taste the original Western food can eat in the inland part in less than 1000 yen.


The representative is also the center grill 、、、
I wonder because I feel the taste of civilization enlightenment even if I eat anything in atmosphere

Cutlet, Spaghetti, Delmila & hash beef, curry and omurice are indispensable.

(12) Oden species in Odawara
The items of fried kamaboko and satsuma fried fish.
You can purchase Satsuma fried Hanpen and Ajigasawa in the local supermarket.
At Suzuhiro near Kazamatsuri, a skewer of fried kamaboko can be eaten, but this is quite delicious!! If you go to Hakone, you should definitely stop by and buy it.


The definition of B-class gourmet, “cheap” “Handy skewer Stuff”, “features”, “Sales at multiple stores,” etc. are applicable to multiple terms
I think that it should count as one of the local gourmet originally.

There seems to be other curry of Ashigara and the Tintin-Yaki soba of Yugawara, but there is no writing because it does not check it in the locale 😅

I think there is still more,
Because it is such a thing that Kanagawa wrote in-laws to the end,
Come on.
It is rude of me to talk about Tokyo and Kanagawa. “It’s not a face,” it seems to be offended 😅)

Next time, in that next time,
From this list, Yokohama, which went to the survey at the end of last year, I think I’ll write as a new article.

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