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Kanagawa-ken-Onsen stand, sales office, distribution facilities list

Kanagawa-ken-Onsen stand, sales office, distribution facilities list

I put the one that can be said that it is easy to draw easily from Tokyo etc. tentatively

(1) Onsen stand in Hayama-machi… Sodium chloride hydrogen carbonate spring, 20L100, hundred yen coin use. 829-1 Nagin, Hayama-cho, Miura-gun, no bathing facilities. With HP.
Because it is private, it is easy to draw a,

(2) Ninomiya-machi, Isoichi Onsen stand…

769-1, Ninomiya-machi, Nakadori-gun
Tea water containing a lot of hydrogen carbonate while a simple spring.
18L100, cash, irregular, closed early in the evening so go early in the daytime. There is HP and no bathing facilities. Because it is a private business, I want to draw easiness A, but because it is open hours of phantasmagoric freely, B

(3) Yokohama Onsen Challenger
2287 Kamikawai-cho, Asahi-ku, Yokohama-shi, sodium chloride spring, quite thick. To go by eight in the evening. Bathing facilities available. With HP. 10L100, let’s tell the effect of the purchase of the bath water at the reception.

(4) Dairadai hime no Yu (Day bathing facilities)
There is a paid runaway in the parking lot. It is a method to ask the reception of the bathhouse to sink. In order to draw well, you need a plastic bottle of a top door, a hose, and a 2L. 20L minutes 150 yen ya. Easy to draw B

(5) Fujino Yamanami Onsen stand… It can be said that it is almost Yamanashi and Tokyo, but it is posted here because it is barely Kanagawa.

4225-1 Makino, Fujino-cho, Sagamihara-shi, sodium calcium sulfate chloride spring, HP, on Wednesdays, exclusive coin-operated 100L100-Easy to draw A

(6) Footbath of Hakone Forest
This is a small foot bath in the sculpture forest, where you can share the source with 20L250 yen. Dog bath?? . Open until 17:00.


(7) Sousen-en onsen sales.
Hakone-Machi Gora 1320-1270 the type of hot spring sale to get to staff. Principle Membership System. Required inquiry. If you check the phone, daytime will be good. Be careful because the slope that takes a burden on the car continues. I need some sense of courage when I ask. Ease of draw D 20L200 yen

(8) Mineral water faucet at the restaurant near Kinugasa Interchange, Yokosuka City

… Bathing is dormant, but there is a tag that the spa is free to take home. Rumors of a special service until the hot spring restart… By the way, I draws the holiday. Free
Sulfur smell sodium bicarbonate spring
Near the convenience store of Daiyabe 2-chome, Yokosuka-shi, gangly cuisine that treats high-class ingredients? And its doorstep. Easy to draw because it is not possible to public so much on because it takes a shout

(9)… Masuda high concentration hot spring water…
It is considerably expensive although the mineral water which wells up to the gas station of the Kinugasa is able to be divided.
It seems to be able to enjoy enough if I put it.

10-Isehara-Onsen, Nanasawa-sou

There is a bath water faucet in front of the entrance and guests can take it free of charge to 20L per guest or day bathing guests.
There are 0 magnetic fields in the garden that are similar to the anti-pass in Nagano, also recommended as a power spot. Easy to draw B

11-Chuorinkan near the water

Old Ha ○ Peel ○ Do Hot water is renovated, the first floor is a day service, the top from the second floor has become an apartment with a hot spring, here there is a drinking fountain, about 10L100 yen than to put the capital cooperation money can be gradierwerk.
Faucet formula.
The hot spring of the name like SM ○ P which broke up is not the name collapse and is a firm hot water…

12-There is a place to sell the withholding at 18L300 yen per room 379 of Miyanoshita Hakone, but the details are unknown because it does not stop. It is on the side of the stone accessory shop. (Ends at 3:00 pm)

13-bath water faucet in Tsurumaki Onsen footbath
Opened in H28. Until five o’clock in the evening
It’s free, but it’s limited to 4L per person.

14-Hakone Yumoto, Izumi Onsen Stand
Opened at the end of April, H30. It seems to be 20L300 yen.

Below, the temperature of the abolition, pause, unknown ○ Stand and takeout hot water

A Kawa hot spring stand… It is not known whether the availability is still in the reduction of the amount of discharge. It seems to have been home delivery before Kawa Ninomiya town in the Middle County. Now that the house is built at the local owner’s home, there is a high possibility of removing each stand. Kawa Wen ○ The origin of the trace is not sprung up, and there is also a fence draws.

B. Bath water faucet in Sendagaya in the noratio of Yokosuka City…
It is taken up in several blogs, but it does not draws to be dormant for several years in the problem of the mass production type of abbilman in manners and local. The prescribed spring of the meta-kei system

U-Yugawara Kamiya onsen stand… It is a membership system, and outsiders are prohibited.

A privately owned hot spring stand in Odawara City… Unfortunately, the details are unknown.

The bathing facilities in front of O Odawara City and Hakone Yumoto City area, 7 ○, it seems to have been selling bath water before, but it was not seen that every bathing facility is open on the first day and the second day when I went to Kanagawa Travel. ← It seemed to be open after 2 noon the day before, but it is unknown until takeaway.

A certain runaway of Ka-Hakone yumoto… The details are unknown, but according to the H26, it seems to have started the takeaway service from the year. The day spa is closed on Saturdays and Sundays, and you may not be able to confirm it. When I went to check the site, the runaway was stopped late in the evening. Yesterday, before and before that was a runaway, but it is not quite availability in the state of Chororo.

Rice Dragon Hoshiyama Sports land… Although it was famous as a unexplored spa, it is scheduled to close in March, H28. Of course, the hot spring sale is finished.

The runaway along the approach of Rice ○ Kannon is not possible because the complaint comes from the local people to draw

(Extra edition)
I will be in Shizuoka Prefecture, but there are two hot spring stands at the destination of Atami.

There is a floating bridge hot spring stand in the country city of Izu,
Card type Why, the traveler is impossible.

Then, the hot spring stand near Kannami town Hall might be good.
There are both a cash machine and a card type.
50L80 yen. 3 minutes by car from Kannami Town Hall. It is in front of the shrine. NAD salt calcium system. Model, the type that you have never seen. The water is pretty hot.
If the cash machine is defective, it does not matter (T_T)
The mountain crossing is difficult, but it is worth going.

There seems to be more, but the details are unknown and unconfirmed.

In Kanagawa, bath water sales are scattered just like a comparatively good condition. Both prices are high, but if this is the only thing that needs to be met…

There are a lot of numbers of local B-class gourmet in Kanagawa…
The Yokosuka Navy Curry and board of Chinese town, Sanmarmen, Misaki tuna cutlet and tuna croquettes

If you can count on the local B-class gourmet such as Shirasu rice bowl and Chinese town dim sum of Shonan, I wonder how many will be the number…
Oh, Atsugi Shirokoro hormone, I have not eaten yet (T_T)

To B class gourmet ranking

Domestic Travel Rankings


This information is for the current H28 year.
The hot spring stands tend to be removed here in recent years.
Please forgive me in case of abolition.
In rare cases, it is possible to infect Legionella bacteria and cause pneumonia-like symptoms. Please be careful with your elderly people.

Any source bath water may damage the bath pot or bathtub.
If you have a simple spring, you can dilute it at least twice, or five times more than
I recommend that you use it.
The remaining hot water cannot be used for washing.
In addition, because the fungus is easy to reproduce, it is recommended that you rinse immediately.

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