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Kanagawa Prefecture’s local B-class gourmet “Yokosuka Navy Curry”

Kanagawa Prefecture’s local B-class gourmet “Yokosuka Navy Curry”

In this B-class gourmet category, speaking of articles that are easily accessible,
“Cheap Tavern” and “Big system”
Next, “All you eat cheap” system.
Next, the article “Ramen” and “curry” and “cheap Seafood Shop” in Tokyo.

Well, if you try to write only this, the reason is that the neta quickly depleted… (^^;

The introduction is longer, but…
This is a story of curry after a long time.

I do not have the confidence to write articles in the place that I went to long ago,
This is not to be outside as a B-class gourmet fan,
I’ll write to Choi.

When I went to investigate the hot spring water distribution facility in Kanagawa,
I stopped by eat the thing of the land because it was a trouble.
This is a fish indigo-tei…

F1000219 (1)-1

Here, it seems to be made of the naval recipe at that time more than 100 years ago.
100 years ago, I had not even been born a dead Basema Now (((((;)

Even if you order the same thing because of the Tumarai
I have an Orthodox navy curry.
Chicken wings, red leaves, order beef curry

First, beef curry,
This is so delicious!
There was a deep richness, too, and the beef had entered.
It feels like old curry, but it’s orthodox.

Bends was a normal navy curry

This is the taste of Showa…
A little yellow, creamy meat of fat
Being pushed out to the front.

The hotness is not felt too much, and it is not sweet either.
It is not so if it is a taste like the school lunch of the elementary schools.
It was delicious, but it was really a strange taste.

The curry of the time when it was an off Kuro or still schoolgirl in the first half of 1965 might have been near this.

And the other one,
Yokosuka Navy Curry,
You have to pay the three-point set to your stomach
It is not to have cheats.

One curry body,
The other one is vegetable salad.

I hate the last one.



I always have a drink by dividing it with a coffee liqueur of yaman.

To drink milk as it is
How many years have you been pretending…??

When I was in elementary school, I felt like an army teacher.

I was forced to drink my nose.

It comes back with unpleasant memories…

But I have to take a sip in this place (̄ ̄;)

Gubic and Swallow, but soon to mouth curry,
The smell of milk does not disappear.

The people of the Maritime Self-Defense Force even now,
It was like eating a four-point set of eggs.
I hate milk. What about the crew sun?

Do you still drink your nose with your own spirit?

By the way, this ordinary navy curry
Change comes at 1,000 yen even now,
It’s a definite “local B-Class gourmet”, right? (^^)

Well anyway,
Yokosuka Navy Curry
I ate the Tsuchiura Topingham Curry,
Are you going to hold the Kitamoto tomato curry sooner or later (^^)

One of the three buttons explodes.
Now, choose carefully… (^^)
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