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Kanagawa/Shizuoka/Yamanashi B-Class Trip (2) ~ a Yankee certain [noodle] shop and [Tsuraki Footbath] in Ebina SA

Kanagawa/Shizuoka/Yamanashi B-Class Trip (2) ~ a Yankee certain [noodle] shop and [Tsuraki Footbath] in Ebina SA

Before and after talking about the previous but
The Ebina service area down line

The prop-style cosplay in the Yankee tribe?? And
It seems to be able to eat “that noodle” of that shop which is famous for Maroil.

By the way SA, this store itself is not a Yankee (^^)
The product of the Yankee shop only
Just put it out in partnership…

(The part of the Obchang
A long skirt pulling with curly perm,
Make up like Your Excellency,
Terya dressed as an old lady
It might be interesting in that…)

I ate at a series store before,
Creamy and rich pork bone soy sauce?? And
A soft, they wished-like taste char siu…
And the combination of the black-like Maroil,
Unbearable ((́ ∇ ‘))
It’s not as verbose as family…
The best I’ve ever eaten is a trap.

The soup or the pride of the Meroil
Do you bring it from a real shop?
What do you think?


I originally love this kind of thing, but
The hot thing is not eat that fat in the heat exceeding 30 degrees indeed…
I’m worried about the neutral fat.

And, I tried to go to the shop of the cheap seafood rice bowl in Chigasaki-shi, and have eaten it at a series shop before 、、、

… So unfortunately
I was supposed to forgo it this time (T-T)

I’m going to head to Hakone this year or next year.
Would it be a re-challenge then??

Then, I took it up in the last article
After eating a cheap and super horse revolving sushi,

The character of the past of Leiden
In order to eliminate frustration,
I went to the somewhere near Tsurumaki Onsen Station to GET the thingy…

I was asked to know beforehand that the parking lot was paid.
I was looking for a free parking in Googlemap,

There is no such convenient thing,
I was pushing time.
It’s a waste dusty to look for,
I paid 150 yen and parked in a paid parking lot.

This time, due to various circumstances,
No bathing.
First of all, to taste the footbath…


It is not char that the chlorine is strong Choi. It’s a footbath.


There is also a foot washing place politely.

In, this is the favorite is Kore
↓ ↓


This is something that is rude to mania
Dare not write… (́ д ‘ | | |)
It is the thing which can be taken away from the faucet.
He is the hot spring stand called the vulgar.

There was quite a foaming when I put it in a bottle.
The taste is slight.

According to the contents of the bill,
Me and the Wings of autumn tint
And we’ve been asking you
The minute of the couple, “the & Yabinu”
Shinso friend gave (̄) ̄;)
↑ ↑
(Ooioi… What the hell (° Д °)…)

So, Sassa and flee. No…

Even a footbath alone, the heat is Hanpa ~ (° Д °)
Sweaty da ~

Oh yes, the maniac thing to this much,
Bochibochi I have to get back to the chase.
Customers will flee… (^^;

There is a “Yankee thing” at the beginning,
It’s Coco’s corner.
↓ ↓


Choi and Bokeh, but
There are many other noodles.

Because it is a food court, it is possible to share by two people.

Where to eat t-knack mar oil ramen @ 920 yen
Bathing in Tsurumaki Onsen
From the peckish to see the Sea of Shonan,
It might be good to go to that revolving sushi on the way back.

Just put a banner
Only the Appearance
It’s a itcho to turn into a blog!

(Оf ́ ∀ ‘ оf) No.
↓ ↓ ↓

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