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List of onsen distribution facilities in Tochigi Prefecture (hot spring stand, etc.)

List of onsen distribution facilities in Tochigi Prefecture (hot spring stand, etc.)

This time, I will try to organize a hot spring stand and free takeout hot water in Tochigi prefecture.

(1) Yaita-shi Yajo-no-yu Onsen stand
295 Kawasaki-machi, Yaita-shi
Bathing facilities available. 1λ Three Mondays off. Cash formula. 100L100-10 yen Ball can also be used.
Easy to draw A. Sometimes it is broken, and there is the thing that it pauses. Recently, the amount of outflow has become small.
Hot water Note (–;)

(2) Genki-no-onsen stand of Taknezawa town
588-1 Takezawa-machi, Shioya-gun
Bathing facilities available. No. 2.4 Tuesday Recess cash type 10L10
Easy to draw A
* The village itself is closed in 2019.
This is also discontinued rich.

(3) Sano city, Tanuma Onsen stand in the back of the roadside station who suffers
387-2 Komi-cho, Sano-shi
No bathing facilities. Available until 6pm. Free.
Easy to draw A
It seems to have been dormant once in H25 years, but it resumed when I stopped in October.
The roof collapsed because of the heavy snow in February, H26, and it is anxious about the recovery. It is possible to go to Ashikaga or the West if it did not draws because it is considered off limits during the repair.
It resumed after that, but in April H26, it was dormant again at the pump failure. Then, it seems to have resumed in September of the same year, so there is a lot of pause here, it would be better to go after confirming the presence of sales in the Sano City Tourism Association even a few days before going.

(5) Moritomo Onsen stand near Moritomo-no-yu
It is in the place where the Moritomo intersection is turned toward sunlight and it is a little advanced. The vending machine is located at the side of the factory.
172-1 Moritomo, Nikko City
Bathing facilities available. The 2.4 Tuesday holidays. 100L100-Cash Formula
Easy to draw B, slightly thinner

(6) Kinugawa Onsen Stand
I went to the Kanaya Hotel near the station where I entered a narrow alley.
。 Be careful because the road is thin. 1395-47 Ohara, Nikko-shi
10L10-Cash Draw ease B
There is a time of 60L100 yen for various circumstances such as the condition of the machine.

(7) Free takeaway hot spring in front of Kawaji-Yakushi-no-yu
Easy to draw C
It was dormant, but it was restored to H24.7.

(8)-Midama-no-yu in Naka-machi

If you take a bath, you can take 100L. Because there is the thing that a hot spring faucet is closed occasionally, the ease of draw C
Bathing fees are cheaper around 16:00. It is best to wait after 15 o’clock in the fetch!!

(9)-on top of Shiobara’s, Kokaikan if you take a bath, we received information called availability, but as of April H26, we have been in business with bathing facilities.

10-Nikko-shi, Kawaji ○ Izumi in the back than Izumi-Onsen stand in front of Nikko City Shade
430-1 nikkage, Nikko-shi
Card type. How to get a card is purchased at the Kuriyama branch of Nikko City Hall. In addition, it is necessary to receive the permit to use the temperature ○ stand. Because it takes a lot of trouble, ease of draw D (visited at a later date) I can not buy a card on Saturdays and Sundays of public office Holidays (> _

11-Nishimachi Iki-no-yu Onsen stand
West Town Honjo 19, next to the way to the road station. 17L100-Cash formula.
Easy to draw A (later conquered) Bicarbonate & chloride spring. , It is a slippery hot water with a meta-like smell, but enjoy a subtle change in the occasional… It was a feeling.

… But I went to the year H30 was stopped, the people of the party seems to be in the hands of the administration, it seems to be considering what to do in the future.

12-Kurowa Onsen stand in the Kurobo-no-yu
… 10L10-This is far away (> _
13-Hotel Yoichi is a mineral water vending machine… 20L1000 yen and is quite expensive. -Preca special expression. It seems to have revived beautifully from the earthquake.

14 Ashikaga Onsen Stand
A new hot spring stand at the end of 2018.
It seems to sell only every Friday afternoon.
2715, Nagakusa-cho, Tochigi city
Tochigi City is almost Ashikaga city 、、、

Official Twitter
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(Other places where there is a hot ○ water sale…)

Matsushima Onsen… It sells for 10L1500 yen.

Kirenkawa Saotome Onsen… Sold in a container at 10L1000 yen.

Ebisu Shiobara or… Draws at the drinking fountain at 2L100 yen.

Terayama Spa… Draws at 1L200 yen.
(The following is a business or unknown location)

In addition, it seems to be availability if bathing in the Shinto museum in the Maitou Wen ○ Township, but what is now unknown. (Rumors of being dormant)

In Okushiobara Yu-so shirakaba as an extra hen, it serves as a pet bottle processing, service that can be brought back to the temperature ○ Water is put in a plastic bottle 500 is sometimes done,
The bath of the home is corrupted to sulfur spring just to put about four… There was also
In addition, a real hot water flower is sold here. It is a pretty good product, you can enjoy the iron odor and faint sulfur smell of ikaho and Sarukawa beams just put a little.

In addition, the waterfall of Utsunomiya-shi Koga Shiyama also includes the ingredients of the spa, it seems to have been operating as a spa bath to boil it in the past, it is necessary to have a considerable effort and physical strength to draw. It is a place occupied by hikers and climbers, so please do not disturb them.

There are many possibilities to take away hot water in other places, but for takeout hot water, only the information that can be confirmed locally is posted.

There is a faucet that the spa goes out near the footbath of Senhonmatsu Ranch, but the ticket of the takeout prohibition has been set up, and it gave up.

In addition, the Bath Mineral water distribution facility in Kamikawachi town has been abolished long ago. Yu Nishikawa ○ The temperature of the Izumi ○ Distribution Facility (another place with Kuriyama) does not exist.

There was a bath water distribution facility in the Kirengawa River.
The second bathhouse (open-air bath) was discontinued in H22, and we resumed the use of the warm-up stand on the side of Kirenkawa Castle in Maruyama Park, but it became a dormant treatment due to the impact of landslides caused by typhoons in the great East Japan earthquake and the same year, The rebuilding was abandoned from the fact that a large amount of money was necessary, and the fountain stand was abolished with the bathing facilities and the footbath. Very sorry (T_T)

Although it is Ibaraki, the bath Mineral water distribution facility of Furukawa, which may be said to be Saitama and Tochigi most, has been abolished ages ago.

Kanuma City Elderly Welfare Center, the vending machine that was in the encounter forest, was abolished in the beginning of 26 years.

The Ashikaga Onsen stand was abolished in early H30.

The mineral spring water in Nasu’s killing stone side, it has become forbidden to draw.

Horai is going out of the horai of Shiobara before the runaway. It is bought by another company, and it becomes an object of the barrel that the footbath and the runaway disappear. It would be safer not to Gradierwerk because the company also switched.

Other, there seems to be a lodging that sells in Nasu,
Because it is scheduled to be closed, it does not dare to article.

Local B-Class gourmet in Tochigi

Soup with Yakisoba, Utsunomiya dumplings, Sano ramen,
Sano ear udon, Sano imo Fry, Sano Daikon Soba,
Ashikaga Shumai, Utsunomiya Yakisoba, potato (with potatoes) grilled soba, Nikko Soba, Kanuma soba, lemon milk… Such as

Endangered species… Ashikaga Grilled Soba Burger

Other items of interest… Mogi yuzu Salt Ramen, eight-grooved Menchi & Croquettes, Otome, and Chichi ice
Eight-ditch beef croquettes, Nikko Yu Wave (yuba) and Yuba Manju

You don’t have to pay attention to anything else. The ̄ ̄;)

The local B-class gourmet of Tochigi is concentrated in the southern half…
If you look good, the Ryomo line is a treasure trove of all-class B gourmet…

To B class gourmet ranking

Domestic Travel Rankings


This information is for the current H28 year.
The hot spring stands tend to be removed here in recent years.
Please forgive me in case of abolition.
In rare cases, it is possible to infect Legionella bacteria and cause pneumonia-like symptoms. Please be careful with your elderly people.

Any source bath water may damage the bath pot or bathtub.
If you have a simple spring, you can dilute it at least twice, or five times more than
I recommend that you use it.
The remaining hot water cannot be used for washing.
In addition, because the fungus is easy to reproduce, it is recommended that you rinse immediately.

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