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Miki Castle [Part I] the castle of Bessho who fell in Hideyoshi’s “Killing”

Miki Castle [Part I] the castle of Bessho who fell in Hideyoshi’s “Killing”

Miki Castle is said to have been built by Noriharu Bessho in the late 15th century in the castle of Bessho who was a powerful Sengoku feudal lord of Higashi-Harima. It is said that it was a strong castle in the Hill Castle built at the tip of the plateau, the river block in the northwest, and the damage was arranged to the mountain in the south and the east. To become famous is the Miki battle with the Oda Army (Hideyoshi) which happened at the time of Lord Bessho Nagaji, Hideyoshi surrounded the castle to build a castle with countless people around. He continued to inhibit the delivery of military supplies from Mohri, and after two years of battle, Bessho, who had dropped a lot of forts and ran out of military food, was self-injurious and surrendered. The castle became a deserted castle by a one-nation decree in 1615.

三木城Basic Data >
Name: Miki Castle
● Location: Miki-shi, Hyogo ( map )
● Built Principal: Noriharu Bessho
● Castle: late 15th century
-The remains: melody, well, neck mound
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Visit >

Miki Castle Ruins is a private railway called Kobe Electric Railway “Maru station on Miki”. From Kobe Shinkaichi to Kobe Electric Railway, we arrived at Marunouchi station on Miki for 45 minutes.

miki-00-9605Miki-no-maru station. This Atmosphere station building! Commuter school hours in the morning and evening is a decent train seems to come, one hour in the daytime. Be careful.

miki-01-9509Out of the station, across the river, across the river, you see the castle ruins on the hill. It is simulated but the white wall is built.

miki-03-9602It came to the bottom of a white wall. The other side of the wall was the castle ruins Park, but it was blocked by wire netting just outside the wall.

miki-03a-9603I found this novoli in the middle of the stone steps toward the castle ruins. Rather than the local Sengoku feudal lord Bessho Nagaji, not even the Lord Hideyoshi, who revived the city of Miki after the battle, is no more than the retainer of Hideyoshi Takenaka Hanbei and Kuroda Kanbei pushing…. This is a very good river effect.

miki-04a-9601I went to Maru Park on Miki Castle ruins. Quite wide. It seems that there are a lot of billboards standing in the back of the left.

miki-05-9573Castle Miki Explanation board. The material was used for the building material of Akashi Castle after it became a castle of ruins by one country one castle decree. The place where it is Honmaru, and the library in the back is erected is a state of two-round ruins. In addition, it is said that the head mound of Bessho Nagaji remains though it is outside Castle Park.

miki-05a-9597“Furious well” in Castle Park. According to the signboard, when you drop a stone, it is called a can well. It is said that the armor of Bessho Mr. is excavated from this well by the depth 25m, and is preserved in a nearby temple in the only well ruins of Miki Castle Honmaru.

miki-05b-9600I look in the well. It is surrounded with stone firmly around. Therefore, when the stone is dropped, it might ring. It was hard to take a photograph because the person who peered it did not drop the thing, and the fine wire mesh of eyes was stretched. Please forgive me that the focus is not on the stone but on the branch in the foreground.

miki-06-9574The new explanatory board which is thought to have been made by Miki’s castle ruins was designated as a historical site of the country in 2013. It is an imaginary figure, but a territorial map of Miki Castle at that time is drawn. However, because I do not understand the state of now, the sense of scale does not boil. Local people might understand.

miki-07-9576On the back of the new explanation board, “the Hideyoshi Army warlords arrangement map of the siege of the three Kijo” was drawn by the writing character. The reinforcements from Mori and the supply are severe, and I cannot help saying that there is no chance to win Mr. Bessho even if it is enclosed only by this. In the upper left (northwest), it was noted that there is a team of the Bessho Heavy wing of the uncle of Lord Bessho Nagaji Miki. It is said that Nagaji betrayed ODA and went out of Miki Castle because it objected to having attached to the Mohri way in the heavy building which thought that it was necessary to attach to ODA way.

三木合戦図1Miki Battle Figure! Like a manga, it’s made up of 24-frame stories. I have been absorbed in reading quite finely. It starts from the controversy in the Kakogawa evaluation neatly. Is it a charm that Miki Castle of the first frame is like the castle in the Edo period? Click to enlarge.

三木合戦図2Miki Battle figure late. The scene of the battle is also seppuku, the last Nagaji public scenes are quite real. Kaishakunin retainers are also crying with swords in their hands. Click here to enlarge.

miki-10-9595Castle to the depths of the park. There is a small hill near the center of the park. Tower units? An equestrian statue is erected next to it. Let’s look in order.

miki-11-9579First, we went to tower. It is half-buried, but there is a stone monument carved with “tower” next to the stairs.

miki-12-9583Tower up. There is no cornerstone, but there are two large stone monuments. Tall trees surround the surroundings and the view is not good. By the way, according to the booklet “Know the Miki Battle” which I bought at the tourist information office, it seems to have excavated the Honmaru in Miki City before, and masonry etc. have come out from the bottom of this tower stand. Miki Castle ruins with few ruins, the stone wall which came out was not able to be preserved and exhibited well…

miki-13-9580This is the monument of the period of the resignation of Nagaji Bessho. “Now, it’s just the same with me and the main one that divides the life of others.” Lord, who was a seppuku, and was hoping that the remaining soldiers and fief in the castle would be saved. Afterwards, it is assumed that the Bessho clan is fief and saved in the castle, and there seems to be a new theory of having become extermination like Arioka Castle in a recent research, too. (“Knowing the Battle of Miki” by H25.12 Miki City Board of Education)

miki-14-9581Another square stone monument is like a poem of the resignation of the Bessho family. At the time of Lord Seppuku, the family also has a self-edged wife and younger brother Tomoyuki Bessho. The phrase of their resignation is also left, and thus passed on to the local community. The Veteran’s association was erected in Showa 17.

miki-15-9585Standing beside the tower, the statue of the Lord Bessho Nagaji. It is good to be a equestrian statue, but the grass of the feet???

miki-16-9586The explanation board of the stone statue. The explanation board was established in Miki City, but the statue was made by a local Lions club, not a historical figure. And bother writing. We don’t even have the feeling that we (Miki-shi) make it properly as a portrait. How about if I make it and arrange it better?

miki-17-9588The statue of the equestrian Nagaji is up. The famous portrait of Nagaji (Wikipedia) is often seen in the image of “the face that was relieved in the eye of the slit length”, so this look is uncomfortable… The eyes were uptick and it recalled the teacher of the good old diorama. This is a feeling of discomfort comparable to Akechi Mitsuhide, a statue of Sakamoto Castle ruins ( this ), the statue of Yuuki Hideyasu If you still want to make an equestrian statue, I would like you to build it with a slurry and a feeling of carriage, such as the image of the former tamari of Takaoka Castle ( this ) or Ichitoyo Yamauchi statue ( this ).

miki-18-9593I discourage to the picture of the back of the horse. The back is the Inari-san.

miki-19-9590Bessho Harusadada battle diagram. With the battle map of the samurai (Hideyoshi’s Honjin), the state of the fight between the feudal warlords Bessho (the brother of Nagaji) and the warlords of Hideyoshi Higuchi are depicted. It is the Taira-Yama battle to attack the Hideyoshi Honjin aiming at the revival of the supply passage is cut off one after another in the predicament, but the Hideyoshi army wins over the military, and in this battle the Bessho of the central figure has been killed.

miki-20-9591Another one in the EMA ado, Harima Miki Castle restoration diagram was decorated. On the tower of two layers with a large staggered rupture, gazebo with a high column and flower Head window rides, tower like the castle Fortress is depicted (reference: dog Yamashiro tower ). The tower of such a shape was not still in Harima at that time.

Since the Honmaru is almost finished, the next is the “2-round Mark”, which is built by the library.

> > Miki Castle [Part II] continues. < <

Date of Visit: April, 2014
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