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Nikko-Kinugawa to a change of mood (4) Michi no eki-yu Nishikawa dam curry

Nikko-Kinugawa to a change of mood (4) Michi no eki-yu Nishikawa dam curry

The day before, I soaked in a hot spring in the Cheap Inn of Kinugawa,
In addition to this, I wanted to go back soaking somewhere, I decided to stop by the hot water Nishikawa here.


In this place called the water township, you can bathe for a day.
Well, I think that II people go to other places, but anyway, why is it safe around here…
The bathing fee is 500 yen ya.

I didn’t expect much, but
I’m surprised when I take a bath.

Is not it a very good hot water? (^o^)/

There is not a very smooth feeling, but there is a hydrogen sulfide smell, and there is a slight mineral smell…
The amount of ingredients is diluted, but is this good for Mattari soak in this?

That’s quite natural… This is like a hot water with no relation to the quadruple suffering of evil.


I went back to the roadside station hot water Nishikawa.
I can also bathe here, but this time pass
I added the venison croquettes to the dam curry which I had not eaten last time (^o^)

But I ̄ to curry radish and burdock (̄;)…


I ate it fearfully, but this is delicious in Japanese taste…
The dam curry item was 750 yen.
By the way, the dam Curry seems to be in the whole country, or try to eat again if you care about other places…

The deer meat croquettes forgot the price of the single item, but there was a comparatively firm meat in this.
It’s a tendency to sell out early, so it’s good to go go blah blah brunch…

It takes nearly an hour from Kinugawa to the center of the water. If you do not have time, you can also make a U-turn at the roadside station Yu Nishikawa. There is a hot spring here, and the bathing fee is 500 yen.

If you have money, because there is a water bus from here, it might be interesting to ride…


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