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One-day trip to Sano (1)-from the hydrangea in full bloom, Saitama Prefecture, Gondou

One-day trip to Sano (1)-from the hydrangea in full bloom, Saitama Prefecture, Gondou

Last week was a long holiday,
Due to the strong winds and heavy rains,
Had planned
I couldn’t go to Kanagawa for a night trip. (_ _) Σ?

The Unsadrot, the floating Night
I had a splurge as a drinking fee in the local,
The next day, I wanted to do some outing.

Speaking of the last minute distance in a day trip,

The Tohoku Expressway is Sano, Utsunomiya, and Kanuma.
Joban Road Mito and Hitachinaka
Close to the Kumagaya road.

Yokohama and Hachioji are at best in time if crossing Tokyo… (T_T)

From that, I chose Sano for three years in this time (^^)

Why is it here?

The reason is simple

Sano is a class B gourmet,
There’s an attractive B-class spot (^^)

If you are a blog that advocates B-class gourmet
Is Mecca
Sano is covered by cover…

The last time I went was over three years ago… (Two years ago I visited Gunma for a night trip, but at this time, I only stopped at the roadside station to have a toilet break.)

I forgot the taste I ate at the time.
In addition, the photograph which I took previously was lost (> _ It is not able to write the article (T_T)

I mean, before the 10th schedule
Day-Trip Bullet tour
Has been forcing

Although it is a day trip

Whether there is a place where you can watch something Choi on the way,
The quality of the trip changes considerably.

It is also good to move fast and Chatcha,
There is the thing which comes into view only because it uses the Shimomichi…
(↑ Only There is no money that can use the expressway) (^^;……)

The place to take a break is not insipid at a convenience store.
How to use a resting place well
Is it a key? (^^)

This time, it is in the midpoint exactly,
I stopped by Gondo Tsutsumi in the city of Yukito, Saitama Prefecture.

This is a famous place for cherry blossoms.
It seems to be able to see various flowers through the Four seasons.

This time, hydrangea


It’s quite powerful (^^)
There are many kinds of…

Despite the weekdays, the crowds are quite large.


Almost full bloom at the time of the 13th…
Do you have flowers until the date of publication?

This is a B-class gourmet bro,
I have to write about the food. (^^;

There is a shop,
I recommend a melon soft cream of 300 yen here.

I forgot to take a picture.
With a melon of syrup,
Add the raw melon and divide it by 2 exquisite flavors (^^;…

There is no loss to eat. Try it once (^^)

Admission fee and parking lot are free.
I can go blah blah a break, too. (^^)

It is less than forty kilometers from here to Sano…
Let’s hurry ahead… ┌ (┘)

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