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One of the originators of Neapolitan “center Grill” Neapolitan and free “Nokayama Zoo” @ Yokohama Noge

One of the originators of Neapolitan “center Grill” Neapolitan and free “Nokayama Zoo” @ Yokohama Noge

Wrote the other day,
From Kanagawa B class gourmet list,
I want to write a new article only twice.

I wrote a terrible thing about Kanagawa, but
Because I wrote
You have to know more about the enemy in the movie…

I think so, and a lot of fear
I decided to extend my legs to Yokohama.

If you get caught with Chibaragikemin in Kanagawa,
Maybe it would fit the bag 、、、

The peanut odor emitted from the body and the smell of natto are erased.
Max coated with coffee and
Cheat with gray hair, the same as the color of cocoa 82% chocolate, ready 👍
(I’m not an extra Bale barre 、、、 😅)

… But to go to a celebrity Kanagawa,
It costs a lot of money from Chiba in the country.

And how to go by car on a cheap weekday in the parking lot,
Compare how to use Tokyu via Shibuya on Saturdays where you can use the coupon on Saturdays and Sundays…

As a result, the latter was found the cheapest thing,
Let’s go out with this.
If I train, I’ll have a cup on my way home 🍷


The ticket shop of Funabashi, the weekend tickets of the Metro,
I got off in Shibuya and got a coupon for Tokyu’s weekend in the gold ticket shop near the station.
1 person one way 200 yen Choi,
The difference is about 1000 yen in two-person round trip.

And I Aim
It is said to be the gourmet of Yokohama origin,


Italy Japan The original thing is,
It’s a famous story.
It is said that one of the roots
Yokohama 、、、

As a hint, we saw a soldier eating pasta with ketchup.
It is also said that the local development began with the arrangement.

There seem to be some stores that are said to be roots.

I do not know where the original,
It seems that there was some contact and it spread.

This is the royal road pattern of local gourmet.

(I have found these materials at a later date 、、、)
↓ ↓
Https:// =

Neapolitan has been with roots,
It was aimed at the restaurant of a certain hotel,
If you look, Yokohama Price 2000 Yen class
I can’t get my hands on the price… (One д;)

Look, there seems to be another place called roots,
It’s like a price that I can reach.
In, I decided to try to capture immediately.

This is how to dig up the local food B class,
I’m really excited about it. (^-^)

By the time you cross the Tama River and finally enter Kanagawa
In my stomach, a great chorus had begun 🐸


Fighters old,
I had to leave the base of the two armies in this riverbed.
The guys in Kamagaya don’t know anyone…

The view of this Tama River is quite excellent.
Nature and the city coexist
It’s a great spot for me…

More than thirty years ago, when I was in the Holy Land of a cartoon
It’s a place that always had a longing.

In Chiba, there is the Edogawa as a similar place,
The view of the low river and the lower building
The difference between heaven and earth…

Well, I arrived at Yokohama station,
I took 20 minutes to walk to Sakuragi town.
(Train fare is too good 、、、)

Well, finally arrived at the destination

This Noge district is close to Sakuragi town
Yokohama is one of the leading drinking area.
In this corner,
There must be a famous store from the Showa era,


Whoa, there was (^-^)
Center Grill


It is a long-established western style with 70 years of history,
Renowned for its famous stores,
Customers from next to next…

The menu seems to be reasonable, and even I…
Let’s go in immediately.


The interior of the Showa Retro store tells a long history.


Well, I neapolitan one choice.

Red Wings
Another specialty pasta,
Order lunch set with “Italian” and chicken cutlet and rice


Ten minutes to wait,
First spa Lunch @ 780 yen appeared


Speaking of Western food,
This is a old-fashioned silver dish 、、、

Quite a volume
This is not 800 yen.
It’s not like Yokohama.

The chicken cutlet is also used for lard and is traditional taste.

The salad is also quite a quantity

And spaghetti “Italian”
Pasta is a thick eye…
The pasta was fried in tomato sauce,
It’s a bit of a meat sauce.
The sweetness of the meat is very deep taste.


A little late,
The famous Neapolitan @ 720 yen appeared

This is thick noodle, too.
It is not a al dente feeling, a little soft-eyed nostalgic feeling.


Lots of ingredients (^-^)/
Onions, green peppers, mushrooms and cheese from the beginning

This is more than “Italian.”
It’s a little light source,
The taste is various, complex 、、、 profound feeling.

The exquisite taste of the
Speechless exactly…!! (B)

It’s a taste you have to pay homage to…

In Kanagawa, “B-class local gourmet” is said to be small,
Including Neapolitan, bread, beef pot, and Western-style cutlet
There are a lot of historical things which become roots of the local gourmet which flap to the whole country.

Those are
It is not an exaggeration to say that it is a total temple of local gourmet.

The existence of these things
It is the port city Yokohama that has been cultivated for many years indeed.

Any local cuisine B class Gourmet,
Also champion of local B-class gourmet development system revived city,
I was made to realize that the weight of history is not fulfilled.

It’s frustrating,
Really, I was afraid.

Looking at the guests around,
Decency the wine smartly,
Canagawkenmin eating a meal?? .

Unlike immigrants who like me and greedy
It was casually smart at all.

It is smart to do such a cool thing casually, and when seeing from the other place, I do not get the misunderstanding which is not 、、、

Well, after enjoying the authentic taste,
It’s a 10-minute walk from here to the Noge Yama Zoo 、、、


What is this place?
Admission FREE!! (B)

It’s just good to be without a stomach…

The scale is equivalent to the Kiryu zoo 、、、

It’s a variety of bears, lions, giraffes, etc.
I feel sorry for free.




From here to China Town-Minatomirai per,
I walked while I was resting.
Lack of exercise or
The leg is a pan!! ️
It’s not something you don’t get used to.

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