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Rainbow Island kitchen → Tuna restaurant Yamaya

Rainbow Island kitchen → Tuna restaurant Yamaya

Rainbow Island kitchen → Tuna restaurant Yamaya


What is the lunch on Saturday today?

Aoba-ku Ichiban-cho 4-chome 5-18 East Market

Go to Rainbow Island kitchenあし

Fried Chicken Rice I was going to take the last time.!?

Rainy Day叫び


Discourage out

To “Tuna shop Yamaya” in the East marketあし

It is a tuna restaurant which opened on February 7 where there was “rice.”

Pre-store Lunch Menu目

To the storeDASH!

L-shaped counter seat.

Lunch Menu目

Ordered “Yamayako Tuna rice bowl” (980 yen)ビックリマーク

It is with a soup.

It is self-water.

Provided in about four minutesビックリマーク

There are plenty of mebee tuna from the Seaweed & Shiogama port on top of vinegar rice.!!

The step seaweed and the onion are put, and the horseradish is attached.

Oh, the soup is tuna & snapper and has plenty of umami.!!

You can eat the gully of the tabletop.

Opening hours are from 11:00.


I forgot, but have you ever seen the movie ‘ Titanic ‘?はてなマーク

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Thank you very much.真顔

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