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“Shah Pin” of the New Year limited specialty stalls out in the gate of Tsurumi and Souchiji Temple

“Shah Pin” of the New Year limited specialty stalls out in the gate of Tsurumi and Souchiji Temple

Have you been greeted with a good year?

The one who was not the last year
I want to be a good year!

If it was a good year last year,
I want to be peaceful this year…

New Year’s Day
The stalls in the temple and temples
One of the fun

This time, I had a strange stall with Choi…

Every year in Yokohama’s Sojiji Temple
There are a lot of stalls where a procession can be done.


The dumplings and the grilled meat
He’s like a fruit.

Ganwota Gentlemen!!
It’s not “Shaapine”!!
Unfortunately, it’s “Sharpin'” (‘, _ Oh ‘)
Be careful not to be a plains? Guy (b)

There is a lot of procession in the smell.
The photo is still vacant,
It is possible to line up near 50M at terrible time (̄ ̄;)


I’m sure it was 300 yen a piece??
Sesame oil and garlic worked.
In the taste with a punch of Chinese feeling really,
Feel the likeness of Yokohama (^^)


It is worth eating in line.
It is a specialty of Tsurumi that can only eat in New Year!

So, why did you bother to Tsurumi from Chiba?

You can zen the decent
Because I only know this place…

The Thorn Nuki, which is said to be the old lady’s Harajuku,
We have to line up early in the morning of the specified day.
I don’t want you to do an exorcism.
If you can’t go, the bill will be mailed to you.
I guess I’ll go and Nanbo…

Other, there seems to be a Kenji of Toyokawa Inari in Tokyo,
I’m not sure.

So I have no choice but to go this far… (^_^;)

However, because I go to a shrine here,
I met the Shah pin.
In that sense, you were lucky.
In my house, to eat this is to pray,
It has been an annual event for the past 20 years.

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