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Shizuoka-Yamanashi B-Class trip (4) a tavern in front of Mishima station, where I eat local fish

Shizuoka-Yamanashi B-Class trip (4) a tavern in front of Mishima station, where I eat local fish

Congratulations Carp Fans (^-^) No ∠ *.:*: ‘ ° ☆
When I saw Kuroda and Arai, I was with Choi… (T ^ T)

Twenty-five years ago.
It’s the year F91 was showing the Gundam.

It was really long. )

Well, last time continued

Mishima Ekimae, there is only a station of Shinkansen stop,
It is very lively.
Moreover, because the circumference is an industrial area,
Of course, there is no inconvenience for drinking and eating.

Just in front of the station
There are many tavern chain stores,
One of them, Yutaka ○ to enter the fishery

Why did you do this shop?

In the name of the store
“A certain actress” of SE ○ Sea System of nearly 30 years ago
It is not remembered (* ‘ Д ́) No!!!
Purely, the sign of the horse mackerel is from the eye!!
↑ ↑
No, no, no. Age is Barre)
↑ ↑ ↑
(If you still care, please do it in the image search!) )


This is a nationwide chain store,
The menu of the storefront
A lot of things like Shizuoka are written.

Private stores that are not chains tend to be expensive.
To drink it reasonably cheap,
The original chain of the provinces is the most certain.

If it is not, even in the store of the national chain
Because there is a local menu,
It is unexpectedly good.

This chain tavern is
Originally, Hamayaki is the main system.
Because I wanted to eat local stuff
Did not dare to order.

First, Shizuoka’s unique
Green Tea High Cheers (^_^)/□ ☆ □ (^_^)


All the people around me ordered it.
It is a thing that is rooted in the local, afterall…

Choi and matcha-like, indeed delicious!
Shochu and tea separated! Very easy to drink (^^)

Now that we’ve come this far,
The tempura of the cherry shrimp is indispensable.
After that, the local horse mackerel was also on the sign…
Sashimi of Bream is also ordered.

Both were shipped directly from the nearby Numazu port.

The “Mishima Croquette” which I put last time was also eaten here.


Horse mackerel than things in Chiba and Ibaraki,
It is delicious in Kanagawa and Shizuoka for some reason.
Smell less. No wonder da!! …

The head and the bone came to be fried. Delicious this too.
I didn’t think I can eat the head. (^^)
I imitated it at home.

“The Wine in Shizuoka”
Believe the saying that
I think it would be delicious even if cheap,
The cheapest liquor called “Dance of the Flower” is ordered by cold.


This is a book of Hamamatsu production, but Choi and light,
The taste of water is good, and this is also quite cool (^^) v
We had a wonderful time.

It is not a shop of the cheap, but
I became an email member of the autumn wings
Because it also issued a discount coupon,
It’s so cheap…


Speaking of Hamamatsu, was indebted to the previous [Jewel Lady],
I wonder if I’ll take it well…
Do you play the violin on the stage?

Your daughter…
I came to Shizuoka (‘ Д ‘) No!!!

I remember… Speaking of vending machines, another one…

Mishima Station on the Tokaido line side, such vending machine
Scattered here and there.


Eating in Mishima,
Eighteen tickets that lost time for users
You’re going to be insured.

The Ticket Shop
In Shizuoka, between the station of Shizutetsu,
Hamamatsu, was on the opposite side of the road to exit the bullet train,
What about now??

Personal assessment

Shizuoka Specialty Sakura Shrimp and fried fish in the Suruga Bay, but the price is only in the tavern… (^^;
Shizuoka Oden is placed, but if the food is cheap around 50 yen after all, but it is a perfect score…

The thing that green tea high and sake is delicious
The water is really good.
It is boiled and rice Karo (^ q ^)

Unfortunately, the Mishima South exit shop of Toyomaru Fisheries is closed.

First from the form (̄ ̄;) ↓ ↓

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