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Shizuoka-Yamanashi B-Class trip (5) The Sea of Numazu-Shitabasu & Tuna-Fall rice bowl This is also a fine B-class gourmet!!

Shizuoka-Yamanashi B-Class trip (5) The Sea of Numazu-Shitabasu & Tuna Fall This is also a fine B-class gourmet!!

The next day, in order to aim at the seafood from the morning,
To Numazu Port…


There seems to be a lot of delicious things here.
However, there is only a tourist spot.
The price is a little expensive.

My friend,
It’s like eating a tower-shaped oyster here before.
For more information, refer to his repo.
↓ ↓
After looking at his blog, the word Numazu
I was not able to forget it from my head.

It is probably this dining room that I ate.
It seems to be a famous local shop.
The price is good, Na… (_ _) Σ?

He says he’s bon-B.
Because it can eat with this and the seafood rice bowl together,
At least I think I’m better off than I am… (→ _ →)
↑ ↑
“Relatives of birds”!! Shire something to me next time (* ‘ Д ́) No!!!


We have to eat a lot of B-class food in the future, so light up in the morning… I mean,

A building like the nearest direct sales center from the port
In Numazu Minato Fresh House
It went to the place like the stall and the cafeteria.

The others are open from 10:00 to 11:00.
I have been here since nine o’clock.


Red Wings
Shirasu and Tuna fall in the bicolor rice bowl + miso soup
I am a boiled meal of kinme

In addition, the three meals rice bowl containing the raw cherry shrimp was also attracted,
I was not able to eat raw shrimp, so I stopped (̄ ̄;)

The smell of the bicolor rice bowl
The tuna was a real fall!
This is lucky (^^) still delicious.


Sweet boiled kinme too delicious,
Chablis’ve done it.


I can’t make such a sweet and plump boil.

Miso soup was said to be Monkfish Ara,
This guy was also delicious.
But I’m not satisfied with this alone
The bones of Kinme
I stuck it in the miso soup.

The taste of Kinme is too “greedy”
Chablis did it for you?

The person in the shop was surprised, too
You ate pretty neatly… And
The eyes were round.

Well, it might be a sarcastic of eating and cluttering (-_-;)
Let’s interpret this as a compliment.


A total of 1,400 yen is a cospa of Mazmaz??

Personal assessment

Tuna is also a good netori texture rich taste,
The location is great.
Because Kinme is alive, if it is more than 100 yen, it survives (^^;

We had a trackback.
In Kansai
“Monologue of the Planner” blog, it is a must see!!
Coming up next
In Osaka Gourmet,
It is rolled out (^ q ^)

If you try it all??
I put it from the management screen of the PC version.
You can do it from your smartphone.
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