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Shizuoka-Yamanashi B-Class trip (6) a local gourmet in a supermarket in Fuji City and a local culture…

Shizuoka-Yamanashi B-Class trip (6) a local gourmet in a supermarket in Fuji City & Touch a different culture…

On the way from Numazu to Fujinomiya,
It serves as a restroom break and ransacked the souvenir thing,
Stop at a supermarket in Fuji City.

It’s like you made a fool of the tourists.
“Botta price” than a souvenir mono-ya,
The super that is rooted in the local,
You can buy something that seems to be a land at a low price (^^)

What is eaten locally = true local cuisine…

Also, the view of life of Jimoti is easy to understand,
It is also a chance to touch a different culture.


The supermarket here was a correct answer.
Fish that can be caught from Sagami Bay to Izu
First of all, I cannot see you in Higashi Kanto.
If it was the last day of the trip, I would have bought it.


“Ganmodoki” that Zimoti was often bought.

One is sweet Ganmodoki.
Well, it’s a brown sugar inari arrangement.
This is a match of sweetness and taste exquisitely
It might become a new specialty ingredient of Shizuoka Oden…

This is bought for the Oguy,
Ate in the car (^^)
Recreating and sweetness (^^)

In addition, I GET sake in the local sake corner of Shizuoka

Last time I wrote
The sake of Shizuoka is no
There seems to be no mistake even if I buy it.
This is a gift for father-in-law…
Let’s take it with local sake and twin in Yamanashi.

I stopped by here.
Because it was in the middle of July bon,
The flowers and Flowers corner
Things that were not considered elsewhere were sold…

That is
I’ll look after the tombstone, Kore (̄ ̄;)


Normally, if you ask the temple during the memorial service memorial service
Roughly 3,000 yen per bottle,
If it is a temple of the Botta system, 10,000 yen is weak.
Here is 100 yen Choi (̄ ̄;)

But this is different from the memorial service memorial service
Offerings after the flowers,
It seems to be the one to use the business card comparatively.
In a word, it is a tower grandmother, and it is not a tower.
The size is only about 1/4 of the usual tower.

The earn that the priest gets in the bon of the Obon
It doesn’t seem to be lost.

The official name seems to be a flower tower,
It seems to be peculiar to eastern Shizuoka.


To be able to touch such a different culture
I think it’s one of the real thrill of traveling.

Well, next time in Fujinomiya City
Let’s infiltrate in search of a class B gourmet.

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