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Shizuoka-Yamanashi B-Class trip (7)-for Fujinomiya-Yaki Soba

Shizuoka-Yamanashi B-Class trip (7)-for Fujinomiya-Yaki Soba

The local B-class gourmet in the land is not to be missed…
The thought is sometimes idle…

This time, the example is not leaked…

What was the hardest thing about this time?
No clear parking lot (T_T)
He’s got a…

Had been wandering around that side,
The parking lot which looks good is not found
After all, the thing to park fearfully in the parking lot of Asama Shrine…

Because the parking fee is not written,
I’m afraid of Botta-chan.
I was hesitant to park… (> _
Why don’t you ask your aunt?
It’s 200 yen an hour.

The staff were very helpful. ┐ (‘ ~ ‘;) ┌

In the place where there are a lot of noodle shops in the presence


Miya Yokocho
It is a place like the food court of Fujinomiya grilled soba.
I put the HP below,
Because the capacity is big, the person of the smartphone looks at Wi-Fi.
↓ ↓

I was not very hungry,
I ordered the squid grilled soba @ 450 yen and shared it with two people…
I like fish powder.


The Worcestershire sauce Taste of chuta noodles
And the feeling of remains into the fat scum,
Somewhere nostalgic

Thank you very much m (__) m

On this site,
There are also some other restaurants in the grill.
Eating tables are common places in each store,
In other words, it is a food court type,
It is also possible to eat and compare the fried noodles of other stores.

Moreover, this is
Another B-class gourmet is also can eat…

This next time.

Personal assessment

Just a little after the amount, I wonder if many… (^^)

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