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Shizuoka/Yamanashi B-Class trip (8)-Shizuoka Oden and the best spring water that was about to give up @ Fujinomiya

Shizuoka/Yamanashi B-Class trip (8) ~ Shizuoka Oden & best Spring water @ Fujinomiya

In front of the Asama shrine in Fujinomiya,
On the contrary across the road
In the food court of Fujinomiya-Yaki soba,
It’s possible to compare the fried noodles.
There was a shop that let me eat Shizuoka Oden in the back.

It was an unexpected harvest only because it had given up.

To the person in the shop,
I heard the indispensable tool in Shizuoka Oden,
It seems that the black hanpen is absolute.

The taste is thick. The Dashi is Kansai-ish.
Because it is boiled by putting the cow muscle, is it so?


It was 300 yen in three.

The black Hanpen is a feeling that is close to Tsumirei
It is not so stinking, and there is not a feeling of jaranjali touching the tongue.

Too good just to eat.
The Asama shrine is visiting


The atmosphere is quite good. Is solemn.

In addition, the tension is tense,
This water field…


The people who climb the mountain are here to purify themselves…

The spring water is possible to take home.

If you try to drink, without smell,
No bitterness, no taste, and soft, really delicious water


From Sake,
The taste which removed the liquor smell and alcohol…
… However, it might be because of the translation (-_-;)
It’s the water that tastes the ingredients of sake!! Seriously!!

I have written many times,
The sake of Shizuoka
It is said that there is no
I think I know the reason.
Sake that was charged with such water is not nasty. (^_^)/

Incidentally, this water
Because it springs in the middle of the food court of the fried soba,
If you do not go to the shrine, try it there.

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