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Tajima Yagi Castle [1/4] I got a pamphlet at Yagi Castle Interchange Hall and went to Yagi castle ruins.

Tajima Yagi Castle [1/4] I got a pamphlet at Yagi Castle Interchange Hall and went to Yagi castle ruins.

Tajima Yagi Castle is the castle of Mr. Yagi who served the Tajima patron yamname. The mountain ruins of the castle consisting of two castles composed of the “Yagi Tsuchishiro”, a soil-based common ground that Yagi built in the Warring States Period, and the total stone wall of the admission castle, which was constructed by the Hakuba Army’s Tajima Attack (1577/1585). Although the stone wall collapses, the ruins of a magnificent stone wall of the same scale as the ruins of Takeda Castle and Arikoyama ruins in the same Tajima country are seen. Moreover, the feature of the woven-feng period such as the tiger mouth by the soil base is seen in Yagi Tsuchishiro, and the hand of the renovation by the Bessho Heavy building is courted. Note that the same “Yagi Castle” (one of Tanba three Daiyamashiro, famous by Joan Naito) is also in the next Tanba country.

Basic Data >
Name: Tajima Yagi Castle (Wikipedia)
● Location: Yabu-shi, Hyogo ( map )
● Built-in: Yagi Toyoshin/Bessho Heavy Building
-Castle: Nanbokucho era? /Tensho (1585)
-Remains: stone wall, earth base, Horikiri, inflection wheel mark

Links: Tajima Yagi Castle visit one , two , three , four .

Visit >

tajima_yagi-2245a-2256The Castle of Tajima (Yagi Castle) is from a castle town that remains a little far from the foothills. There is “lower Yagi Public Hall” in the middle of the old castle town. I parked my car here. It is written in the Guide board at the castle ruins entrance that the car can be parked in the public hall. The place is Coco (GoogleMap).

tajima_yagi-2245b-2261I left the parking lot and walked along the castle Town Road.

tajima_yagi-2246a-2258There is “Yagi Castle Interchange Hall” in the castle town. Let’s have some by all means because the pamphlet of Yagi Castle is put here. This is the Exchange hall.

tajima_yagi-2247a-2259The scene of the house in the Hachikijo The old house was diverted. In addition to the materials such as the pamphlet, the photos of the Four seasons of Yagi Castle are displayed.

tajima_yagi-2247b-0150It is a pamphlet related to Hachikijo which is distributed at the Exchange Hall. The right is a castle ruins specialty, the restoration forecast figure and the rope-clad figure of Yagi Castle have been published. The left shows the highlights of the castle ruins. It seems that each building is different. Someplace both gratefully.

tajima_yagi-map1Yagi Castle pamphlet [Tajima, Hachika Yagi Castle ruins] from the figure of eight Kijo rope was quoted. The climbing route is from the right and straight forward to the honmaru of the summit. A melody is built along a ridge extending radially from the summit. Go to the back (west) as it is beyond the Honmaru to Yagi Tsuchishiro. The map of the castle is later.

tajima_yagi-2249a-2263From the road of the old castle town, cross the national road and head for the castle ruins. The monument of “Tajima Yagi Castle Trailhead” located across the national road.

tajima_yagi-2250To the place where the signboard concerning the Yagi castle ruins is concentrated in the vicinity of the stone wall in front when advancing from the monument of the mountain gate. Let’s take a look slowly.

tajima_yagi-2252First of all, it is the most ancient “Tajima-Hachikijo” explanatory board. The Yagi clan 15,000 stones. The clan’s father is the second generation of the Bessho heavy building, which was attached to the Hideyoshi side in the Battle of that Miki Castle, but unfortunately. The Yagi clan and Yagi Castle were abolished.

tajima_yagi-2253A stone monument and a colorful signboard. The trailhead left at 50m.

tajima_yagi-2254It was also posted in the Exchange Hall, the landmark map of the nearby historical sites. If you missed to go to the place of the Exchange hall, let’s check the place by this signboard.

tajima_yagi-2255Beyond the sign area, to the castle ruins. First of all, it was 50 metres ahead of the left. Turn around beyond the stone wall where there is a shrine.

tajima_yagi-2266The signboard of the Yagi castle ruins climbing entrance. There are two. If only this, it does not hesitate. But it was a way to pass through the house that seems to be honest through without a sign.

tajima_yagi-2267This is the road leading to the Yagi castle ruins.

tajima_yagi-2268It came to see the place where the mountain road was provided on the other side of the iron fence of vermin avoiding when advancing for a while. Open the fence. I’ll close it when I open it. There was a figure in the white post in the back of the fence before, but there was nothing in the visit. I’ll get it at the Exchange Hall.

tajima_yagi-2273The trail of a gentle slope continues for a while. The impression that it is maintained as a hiking course. Easy to climb.

tajima_yagi-2277There are some places where stairs are installed, and some are not.

tajima_yagi-2279The signboard of “the Yagi Castle Ruins” is installed occasionally. Helpful. I wonder if it was a signboard pasted in the tree above in old times.

tajima_yagi-2280There was a place where the ruins of the ground and the masonry were seen on the mountain road along the way though it did not arrive at the ruins which were still drawn in the rope. A trace of the field in later years or something.

tajima_yagi-2281The ground is reinforced by masonry until it reaches the mountain.

tajima_yagi-2282It continues as if it is a stage melody.

tajima_yagi-2283When it came for a while, a resting place was set up in the place where a little view was seen. Take a break without forcing.

tajima_yagi-2284Beyond the resting place, 500 meters to the Yagi castle ruins. The location is very close to the main road. It is still long ahead.

tajima_yagi-2287The location of the Ridge Road.

tajima_yagi-2288There is also a corrugated wheel area of masonry. It might be a field, but this place which was built just according to the curve of the Ridge Road looks like the place where there was a lookout tower very much…

tajima_yagi-2289It climbs along the Endless Ridge Road silently.

tajima_yagi-2290The sign of the Yagi Castle is 0.2 miles. Another breath!

tajima_yagi-2292Finally arrived to the “castle ruins area” which is described in the figure in the rope. This is the first ring on the East End. The stone Buddha is placed at the foot of the ground base in front of the mark.

tajima_yagi-2293This is the Yagi castle ruins from this signboard. The explanation is written in the vertical document on the left and right. Originally, it was the castle of Mr. Yagi who served the Tajima Guardian mountain name.

tajima_yagi-2293a-2296The explanation was written on the back, but the central part was peel off and cannot be read. It is like the tune which is called “Akiba-san” after the stone Buddha to enshrined in the front soil base when the Espar is read while supplementing in the brain.

tajima_yagi-2294Stone Buddha “Akiba-san” is governed by the interior of the front base of the “Akiba-san”. Ming Dynasty immovable.

tajima_yagi-2295The state of Yagi Castle seen from the melody “Akiba-san”. It is a view that shows that the distance has risen considerably. The castle ruins have just begun. First, aim for the Honmaru (main Guo).

> > Tajima Yagi Castle [2/4] continues. < <

Date of Visit: March, 2015
Photographic equipment: FUJIFILM X-M1 + XF14mm
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