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The castle with Mount Taira: Hideyoshi Honjin ruins built for the capture of Miki Castle

The castle with Mount Taira: Hideyoshi Honjin ruins built for the capture of Miki Castle

Mt. Taira-no-Yama Castle (a castle with the Hirai Yamanouchi) is one of the largest in the castle (Tsuiro) built around Miki Castle in the Miki Battle, and the place where Hideyoshi’s honjin is transmitted. The castle was built over 40. Tensho 6 (1578) in July, Oda Nobutada , who dropped the kami-Jo Castle, built a castle with a dress on Mt. Hirai, and Hideyoshi was dressed in the following month. Hideyoshi has invited a tea ceremony to the master Tsuda sect and the Sideways mage. The ruins such as the hill where you can admire Miki Castle in the southwest and a lot of soldiers are stationed are left. With the fact that it was designated as a National Historic site along with Miki Castle ruins in March, 2013, a description board, a rope map, a Novoli and a simple observatory were installed in the vicinity.

平井山付城Basic Data >
● Name: Hirai-yama-no-Jo Castle
● Location: Miki-shi, Hyogo ( map )
● Built principal: ODA Nobutada
● Castle: 1578 (Tenpo 6 years)
-Remains: Melody
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Visit >

On the top of Mt. Hirai, the castle ruins are about 3 km northeast of Miki Castle ruins. It falls further back of the tomb of Takenaka Hanbei who died of sickness in the team of Miki battle.

hiraiyama-9430Fork of the Tomb of Takenaka Hanbei and the Upper castle ruins of Mt. Hirai. The Guide board is standing on the right. If you proceed to the right, the tomb of Takenaka Hanbei, straight forward Hideyoshi Honjin mark. The other side of the mountain seen in the front becomes the honjin mark.

hiraiyama-9430a-9484The explanation board of a big “Hideyoshi Honjin Mark” comes into view with the stairs which were neatly maintained when advancing for about five minutes. It seems to hit the entrance of the castle ruins with the top of Mt. Hirai. Do not forget to have a part of the rope in the post next to the sign.

hiraiyama-9431Hideyoshi Honjin Trail Explanatory board. It is a very beautiful and easy-to-understand explanatory board made after it has been designated as a National Historic site in March 2013. The current location is on the top left of the map, and it seems to be built quite large throughout the mountain.

hiraiyama-9433Go up the stairs to the mountains. The Atago company is broken to the right, and it goes ahead.

hiraiyama-9437After a while, the right side of the road gradually reaches the place where the narrow-cut plain like the field overlaps (dead leaves is piled up and is a little incomprehensible). A simple guide board is tied in the tree. There is a flat land group of the stepped shape, and, it is said that the mark which laid a plurality of flat ground by cutting the slope or piled up the soil so that soldiers can garrison.

hiraiyama-9439On the way, there are some places where steep slopes suddenly appear. The tiger rope is put, but be careful.

hiraiyama-9442In addition, it goes out to a wide road comparatively in the straight line. It is called “Taiko Michi”, and it was a road of Yukari Hideyoshi. Hideyoshi was here because it was a honjin mark, but how is this road “Yukari”?

hiraiyama-9480It went out to a considerably wide inflection wheel when advancing to the back. It looks like the Lord Guo.

hiraiyama-9443Proceed inside the main enclosure. The soil is piled up in the main Guo Center part, and it seems to be a considerably wide flat part though the tree grows considerably. You can see a silver structure in the back.

hiraiyama-9445At the very end of the main Guo, there was a simple observatory built with the aluminum pipe, along with the Hashiba Hideyoshi Honjin’s Novoli. It seems to be able to look down at Miki Castle like Hideyoshi of old times from here. It is understood that the circumference of the main Guo is enclosed by the soil base low. Because the observatory is light in aluminum, it climbs slowly while becoming worried whether it falls when I put weight while climbing.

hiraiyama-9450View from the top of the simple observatory. It overlooks the city of Miki. However, it is honest that the pine and the tree grow high, and the view did not enjoy so much. The view is taken aiming at the gap of the tree.

hiraiyama-9447The location of Miki Castle ruins, which was pasted on the observatory. The area enclosed by the red line is Miki Castle ruins at that time, and the current Miki Castle ruins (Honmaru ruins) are the “top of the Circle Park” on the far right, and the library on the left corresponds to the second round mark. Based on this photo, I look at the view picture on one piece. Just to the left of the pine tree, you can see a pencil-shaped city hall. Assuming from a landscape complex in the foreground, the library and the circle park above seem to be the green part which reflects in the center of the photograph horizontally. It is exactly full view of Miki Castle.

hiraiyama-9454A little further from the main Guo, there was a mount of the tower-shaped ruins. I wonder if the tower is built on this.

hiraiyama-9456The road goes further back. Occasionally, there is not much to be lost because the Guide board, such as “route ←” is tied in the tree, the rope-clad figure is necessary.

hiraiyama-9458There was a tune ring that the soil was piled up here and it was formed in the base shape.

hiraiyama-9459To the end. It came back because the road of the one that went was not maintained so much, and it did not see the entrance to the top though it was possible to advance to the top where it was drawn to the turf map if advancing to the left. The right route is introduced because it was easy to see the ruins because the maintenance progressed.

hiraiyama-9464They go to a large area Although the road is divided into the right and left, the right is the route back directly to the main enclosure with a simple observatory, and the left is the route to go to the major mouth mark. Go to the left.

hiraiyama-9465There was also a flat ground group of the stepped shape here. How much density were the soldiers stationed in old times?

hiraiyama-9468“Major mouth (estimated)” traces. The ground is dug as deep as 1m and forms a tiger mouth. It seems to be assumed that this is a major road of the old Times by the Castle Road which rises from the village in the foot named Lu Wood according to the side guidance board.

hiraiyama-9470To the big Mouth department. The flat land group of the stepped shape has become difficult to understand the dry leaves piled up, but here is the remains which clearly understands the minute that there is height. Old Times would have had a wooden shield or fence on top of it, and a defensive soldier was guarding it. I wonder if the battle reached here in the Battle of Mt. Hirai that the Bessho way aimed at the regeneration.

hiraiyama-9475Back to the main Guo route. The trees are in a high-overgrown way. It’s like my Totoro forest.

hiraiyama-9478When returning to the vicinity of the main Guo, the arrow of the guide is tied to the tree, and there is a place which is attached to the right and the left a lot like this, and it is not understood which should advance seemingly. The correct answer, whichever way you go, has its remains.

hiraiyama-9485I went down to Miki Castle direction. The highest mountain seen in the back is the castle ruins of Hirai Yamanouchi. Isn’t it plain view? In addition, it is difficult to understand in the photograph, but in the visual, it was seen that Novoli stood in the main enclosure (Habba Hideyoshi Honjin) is for. The soldiers at Miki Castle would not have been so distracted because they could see the army coming over there.

It is a place that I want to tour with a set of the tomb of Miki Castle ruins , Takenaka Hanbei, and here.

Date of Visit: April, 2014
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