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The landlady

The landlady


On this day, two men drank and went to “the 1st generation Landlady is Chan” ◎

Because it is a thing that beef streak skewer is delicious, I expect ♪


There is a counter seat and a table seat, and an ordinary tavern wind which dropped a little illumination.

I saw a visitor who was drinking alone.

They were seated at the counter.

Unlimited drinks (120 minutes 1,280 yen with coupon use)

Naturally you can drink!

+ 200 yen seems to stick a classic, but this place is not stingy lol.


Drink beer in a mug is delicious!!

Look at the menu here and order ◎

… Cow streak is out of stock!?

It’s still a good seller. Sorry.

Let’s discourage and order various things!

Octopus (380 yen)

It is a staple of the knob.

But for the raw & Octopus-poor, friend pass lol.

Baked Dumplings (5 pieces 390 yen)

I was able to have a hot state on the iron plate ◎

It’s so juicy!

Grilled Small Dragon capsule (4 pieces 680 yen)

Careful not to burn… I was burned, lol.

There is a lot of delicious soup in the skin ◎

Fried tofu (480 yen)

It’s delicious with plenty of dashi!

Is it fried and tofu made at home?

Salt-koji Leek (680 yen)

The salt is the best.

I have a feeling that the salty taste is more suitable for sake than soy sauce.

The atmosphere that I was able to drink alone was good ♪

Next, I get the absolute cow streak skewer!!

Also with the line.


The landlady

● Address

Hokkaido Minami Sanjo Nishi 4-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo Tsubokawa Bldg. B1F
Business Hours

Sun-Thu 17:30 ~ Next 1:00
Fri/Sat 17:30 ~ Next 3:00

● Telephone


● Regular holiday



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