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Two kinds of cheap one coin set meal in Chinatown

Two kinds of cheap one coin set meal in Chinatown

When I go to Chinatown, I tend to walk on the narrow side of the main street.

When I went there a few months ago,
I have taken a similar action after all (̄ ̄;)
I used to write about the Sammer noodles.
I forgot to post the other things I ate…

This time, the photo…


This is a pretty good deal.


Celebrities?? The sign of the Д

What did you eat?
Shrimp Chile and Sour pork version of white fish

Spring rolls are also crispy
Shrimp Chile also plump with spicy chili sauce (^ q ^)

The thing which fried white fish is crunchy
Refreshing of vinegar and sweetness of vegetables unbearable (ω)
The bean jam is quite large.


It was too delicious to eat too much.
I was bursting quite annoyed.

Of course, the set meal has an almond tofu.
Classic Trap (^O^)


Together with the sanmer noodles that I made in the previous article
Just Eat this.
This price.

I appreciate it. ~ (^^)/

This kind of shop
When I walked from the direction of Ishikawa-cho Station, the narrow road on the right
It is with Tihora.

Even so
Ten million people per year are at a rate of one in a dozen people
Wealthy Kanagawa Prefecture in the summer
There are many restaurants that can be eaten at such a price…
What a surprise!! (; ° Д °)

Well, Chinatown itself, nearly twenty years ago,
The transition from a luxury shop to a relatively inexpensive Viking,
Because the price of the customer seems to be decreasing,
It’s all ants, but…

Only the parking fee after,
I wonder if it is somehow??

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