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Wave Gajo [1/2] The medieval mountain ruins are famous for its mock turret.

Wave Gajo [1/2] The medieval mountain ruins are famous for its mock turret.

The castle is a medieval fortress built in the Inaba of the northern part of Harima. It is said that Mr. Nakamura who was a strongman in the region since the Kamakura period served as a Lord for generations until the end of the warring States though it seems to be mysterious castle where the material hardly remains. Before that, it is said that Mr. Hasaga ruled the tradition level. After Hideyoshi’s Harima-Hirada, the castle was still there, but the details were unknown. The excavation was found in the early stage of the stone product, and it was restored to the original, and a mock tower of the roof was built in the hometown creation business on that. It is now a historic park.

Basic Data >
Name: Hataga Castle (Wikipedia)
● Location: Shiso City, Hyogo Prefecture ( map )
● Lord: Mr. Hata, Mr. Nakamura
-Castle: Around the fifteenth century?
-Remains: Restoration stone wall, Honmaru traces, mock tower

Date of Visit: November, 2017
A visit to the Wave Castle – the one and two .

Visit >

hagajo_01_5291The castle is maintained as a historic park and can be reached by car. This wide area is a parking lot.

hagajo_02_5293Historical Park Map. The parking lot is out of sight, but lower right. If you go straight ahead to the place where the crossbar is, and climb the stroll path that was made on a steep slope, it leads to the main Guo where the restoration stone wall and the mock tower are.

hagajo_03_5289When you look at the slope beside the parking lot, you can see the sign “Horse hidden”. It is said that the legend of the horse Hide is written in the ancient documents which remain in Hataga town. It was a long time ago, and the Lord was owned by the famous horse of about which it was said that it was able to go to Kyoto in one day. Even if the emperor desires it and the imperial life is put out, Nanro refuses. When the imperial decree comes, Nanro hides the horse in the Mountain Cave, and tells a lie that the horse is dead. It is said that the emperor who is angry hears the horse’s neigh when the edict is going to return, the attack of Mr. Hata, and Nanro miss the horse defeated in the fight and killed. The attack Corps was Mr. Nakamura, and Mr. Nakamura became Lord Hata afterwards. If you go up this slope, maybe there is a cave.

hagajo_04_5290A lot of debris is on the slope in the back. It might have been a rocky mountain in the medieval fortress where there was a stone wall though it was small.

hagajo_05_5288Go to the back of the road from the parking lot, and aim at the ruins of the Hasaga.

hagajo_06_5295It is not clear how far the castle ruins, but if you look at the left and right of the road, you can see the unevenness of large soil that is not invisible artificially.

hagajo_07_5299The mountain path which is not seen Dobashi and the tiger mouth.

hagajo_08_5300The soil base and the stone product which appear suddenly on the left and right of the road. The restoration remains in the main Guo is a completely different aspect of the wall, and I imagined whether it was made for the soil of the slope was sharpened when I made this walk path.

hagajo_09_5376You can see these stones here and there.

hagajo_10_5301It is likely to misunderstand the ruins of the castle because the road is bent to the left and right, and there is a base and a stone product in the position where the prospect worsens. What is this?

hagajo_11_5304In the meantime, we arrived at a place with a castle ruins monument. From among the trees in the back, just see the mock tower.

hagajo_12_5306The Redeemer Stone Monument.

hagajo_13_5308Redeemer a description board. It is said that Mr. Nakamura came to this ground which was the manor of Ishishimizu Hachiman Shrine, and usurper the manor, and continued being a powerful person as the Hata Lord until the end of the Warring States. It seems that the size of the castle kept surviving anyway because it is in the position overlooking the Inaba highway which connects the Sea of Japan and Harima. No information, such as when it was lost. In fact, there seem to be few detailed documents about the Hasaga Castle.

hagajo_14_5310From the crossbar of the left back to the main Guo district.

hagajo_15_5311Road like a slope. You can see a huge stone product in the back.

hagajo_16_5314Scattered boulders.

hagajo_17_5315We arrived at the slope of the mountain. It climbs from here to the top of the mountain.

hagajo_18_5317The tower was seen as soon as it climbed for a while. The stairs are set up directly on the slopes, so steep but quickly arrive on top.

hagajo_19_5319A mock tower built prominently on the slopes. It is an inferior board Zhang of the Sengoku period wind.

hagajo_20_5320The weather is good and comfortable. According to the local story, there is a route like the old road at that time on the mountain side of the back not this road.

hagajo_21_5324It goes to the front of the tower through a narrow road built in the place of the slope. Width is about 1m, but it is a little scary when the wind is tight because it is a cliff below.

hagajo_22_5325The road which goes through the mountain is overlooking. It’s a great location.

hagajo_23_5326It turns around and goes to the front of the mock tower. It is a small but quite imposing appearance, and it is a favorite shape personally.

The inside of the mock tower is visited in the second, and it goes to the main Guo section at the top of the tower.

> > To the Hasaga Castle [2/2] . < <

Date of Visit: November, 2017
Photographic equipment: FUJIFILM X-T10 + XF14mm
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