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Yokohama Big World Spit Dim sum “greedy skewer” and view of Yokohama Port

Yokohama Big World Spit Dim sum “greedy skewer” and view of Yokohama Port

Via Isezaki Chojamamachi-Kannai
I decided to move slowly to Chinatown.

I wanted to go to the western town around Yamate,
I could not walk so far.
From Isezaki-Chojamamachi to Kannai direction.


We walked about 40 minutes and arrived at Chinatown.
I’m still not hungry.

I thought that I 、、、 even a beer in dim sum at least,
There is not a shop that can do such a thing easily.

The store sells beer and dim sum,
It is an outdoor without the chair roughly…

If there is a place like a stall village or a food court,
I think it’s a lucrative thing.

Speaking of Chinese town,
When you hit a door, you take advantage of it
Tend to be riddled with similar stores.

Viking Yes,
Sweet Chestnut Yes,
It is a fortune-telling shop now.

Because there is no place which seems to rest while eating,
Here’s a break


Illumination 、、、 in Chinatown


Rather than Christmas, the Spring Festival of Irmine
It’s Chinatown…

I came to China town.
I do not want to pass through absolutely.
I have to eat something a little 🤤
I think, if I’m a little dizzy 、、、


Before the great world of Yokohama,
It is called a greedy skewer,
There is a store that sells 4 kinds of dim sum on a skewer for 500 yen, so I stopped by.


Pao dumplings,
Black Pork,
Niju Bun,
Four kinds of mini meat.
After receiving the order, remove one from the Seiro
They stab me in the skewer.


I wish I had a little more piping hot.
The taste of one one is not bad.
The black pig is delicious meat.

By the way, this close
There is such a shop.


The juice of the inside flies, so be careful (^-^)


Well, it’s a bit of a straddle 、、、
From Yamashita Park, through the red brick warehouse, Minatomirai,
I walk to Sakuragi town.

In the red brick, in the event of an irmine and a light up
We had a lot of customers…


No place to rest, no 😭
Moreover, the unit price is high 、、、

The belly was also a pie, I give up this time.

The performance of the omelet store
Seen from the outside.

Omurice here is eaten in less than 1,000 yen,
Next time I want to eat this 、、、…


Now, we move while watching the night view with Yupri.


I arrive at the return journey to Funabashi via Shibuya.

I rode, using the vehicle of Seibu Railway,
To the limited Express Hoya…


、、、 😅

In the world of Saitama in the Shodo,
If such a thing ran to Kanagawa,
I’m sure it’ll be one step ahead of the riot.

‘D swing to the cheap tavern in Shibuya along the way,
My knees are laughing and I can’t move anymore 😭

After all, in the Kaga shop in Nishi-Funabashi
、、、 With hormones and beer


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