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As expected in a good way the movie version “Fate/stay Night Heaven’s Feel II lost Butterfly”

As expected in a good way the movie version “Fate/stay Night Heaven’s Feel II lost Butterfly”



As expected in a good way the movie version “Fate/stay Night Heaven’s Feel II lost Butterfly”



Release date January 12, 2019
Original Nasu Mushroom
Official site Https://

Shiro who was attacked by an unidentified shadow, and lost the saber.
Act to clarify the identity of the shadow while cooperating with Tohsaka.

Rating Score: 90 POINTS ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


As expected, as expected.

This work, the super-famous eroge (the person who has the recognition that there is no longer), the cherry blossoms route of Fate was made into a theatrical animation.
It consists of three chapters, and the work is the second chapter.
The first chapter is reviewed here, so please if you can.


Even though the previous work was not expected, it was interesting and a betrayal to become a favorite work in the rider in the type Moon works which were imaged.


It is a sequel to this work, but speaking from the conclusion, unlike the previous work, it becomes the impression that the works as expected.
It is not so though it seems to be an unable work when writing so.
However, the hurdle just went up too much in the previous work.

The hurdles were not too big, and they showed us the quality we wanted to see.
Therefore, it is “as expected in a good meaning”.


Or rather, the work now is the preparations to the end chapter, and is connected.

If you think about the configuration of all three chapters, not too exciting, but do not get tired of viewers say, exquisite quality is now required for the work.
As for it, this work is a perfect work.


Great emotional expression

Continuing from the previous work, the most amazing thing I have now is the emotional expression of the characters.

However, it is not only to describe the expression of the character slimy.
Changes in the environment around the body movement, weather and so on.
And music.

I use all the elements that can be used as an animation, and try to express feelings of characters.


In addition, the work now has a great contrast to this production.

It is not only a scene that always made music and drawing flashy.
Quietly convey the scene, or only facial expressions, and or only camera work, I have incorporated throughout the somber production dare.

Because there is such a sober scene, the production at the time of Toki is revitalizing.

Anyway, the scene in the rain of Shiro and the Cherry tree which is the climax of the early stage is a must see if it is a Cherry fan.


The previous work is so, but now dare to speak less words, and try to convey the charm of the character as a video.
The lines are too many, redundant, and unlike the UBW version that has fallen, now works without sagging name scene, you can enjoy the same impression as the original.


Original scene full of love as usual

Some of the original scenes have been inserted.

In the previous work, it was the insertion of the original scene that can not be compelled to impress if the fan daring to bring the encounter of Shiro and cherry blossoms at the beginning.
This work has also inserted a number of wonderful scenes that will continue to meet the expectations of the previous works.


In that, I was the most impressed is the scene of Wisteria and Ilya.

As for the standing position in the work of the current fate, the wisteria was almost to be drawn as a bright gag character.
However, in the original scene of the work, I can feel the mother sexual character as the elder sister who has watched Shiro from the advice to the cherry blossoms.
At the same time, it is suggested that she also was a girl who was staring at him by a little adult eyes than Shiro by pour the desire to the kiritsugu seen from the time of a high school student when it was still young.

And Ilya see it from the shade.
In this work, the scene which went into the Ilya still was not described, but it was a wonderful scene which became the preparations for the future development.
(Attention to the wisteria Hey of transcendence cute high school girl figure)


Not only this, or increase the entanglement of the battle scene and Dignified Archer, and the exposure scene of the Gilgamesh is greatly improved (although it was just too small because the original is too little), the original fans if you have shown us the scene would grin.

As usual, it is a succession of wonderful original scenes full of love to the original.


Great imaging

There are a lot of scenes full of originality of the Nasu mushroom by the cherry root (that is, it is common to the original whole).

It is a typical scene of the predatory cherry blossoms.

The mysterious scene of the hiragana volley, the work is now beautifully imaged

It is a peculiar image which combines the cuteness and the prettiness.
I heard from a friend at a later date, and the animals and characters appearing on the screen, and showed the absorbed servant, seems to be quite elaborate as a rendition (I did not notice at first sight).

The work now is dropping sentences in the ground of such nasu mushroom well in the image and the serif.
It is a movie which does a good work while sober.


The only trapped is the battle scene

Basically, there is little dissatisfaction with the work now.

It is not only dissatisfaction, but it is about the battle scene that was caught.

The main battle scene of the work now is combat with Berserker and Saber Horta.
The battle here was an extraordinary great power.

The endless takers Excalibur was a scale not at the level of the Dragon Ball, which caused a surprising beam and explosion.
I was numb to the coolness of the Berserker stand up even if I received it many times, but I have pulled too much force…


Personally, I liked the battle between the previous Lancer and the assassin fighting the non-humans.
Well, Saber Horta and Berserker are both monsters, so it’s not surprising that this is an explosion-ridden battle of the work now.

This is a personal impression, so of course, most of the positive opinions as a public evaluation.
The quality of the battle scene itself, because it was super high quality as usual, was satisfied.


No change in quality

I had to say a little nagging at the end, but there was not enough dissatisfaction to deduct separately.

I was able to enjoy it very much following the previous work.
If the original fan, it is the work that should definitely go to see the same.

However, the density of Chapter 3 is anxious as uneasiness of the slightly uneasy.
The fact that I did not make it to the animation only here in the work now does not become too clogged…

However, if the staff who made the wonderful thing so far, I believe that Chapter 3 also becomes a masterpiece, I want to wait until next spring.

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