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B-Class gourmet journey to the Central Road (1)-local B-Class gourmet “Hachioji ramen” @ Ishikawa PA

B-Class gourmet journey to the Central Road (1)-local B-Class gourmet “Hachioji ramen” @ Ishikawa PA

Do you want to take advantage of the “certain Gunmanga” in the movie?
Or do you want to post an article in the Kingdom of fruit that only batting now,
The former has not yet settled the article,
Let’s post the latter for the time being (^^)

I was wondering where to go for the long weekend,
From my wife’s Red Wings
“Should eat the udon and the hard peach of Mochi”
And the commander is down…

… If it is, there is only Yamanashi (^^;

I have traveled in search of B-class gourmet along the central road,

It’s really fast to go to Yamanashi… (̄ 0 ̄;)
This is the only way to earn a little distance in the lower road.

I was supposed to ride the capital high from the front of Kinshicho in reality
Since it seems to take more than 20 minutes Hakozaki is congested from Kinshicho
I extend the lower road running from Char not to Edo Bridge!!

While cutting through the “strike zone” in Tokyo Business district, I found a branch in Higashi-Matsuyama yakitori…
I was surprised that there are more OL-san than salaried men in the procession which is lined up in the boiled taro… (; ° Д °)
There were many new discoveries.
(Both were seen in the signal waiting.) Look aside driving ban (^^;! …)

It was Susui’s Sui from the capital high ride,
It took me almost an hour and a half to get to the capital high from my home.
Peckish has been vacant around here (^ q ^)

Let’s start with the Quick Ishikawa service area.
Let’s capture the first local B-Class gourmet (^^)


The only target rock that I’ve been
Hachioji Ramen is a speciality

Not to be explained, it is a local B class gourmet in Hachioji city.

The promise of this article seems to be this
↓ ↓ ↓


Order the Orthodox Hachioji ramen for the time being
, But was kept waiting for more than ten minutes because it was crowded (-_-;)

Taste, the taste of the definition as it is (^^)
There is unexpectedly no persistence.
It is suitable for ramen in Tokyo, and the rich taste of soy sauce.

Is the fat that is floating is chicken oil?
I was stirring, but I didn’t know…

Because the taste of Menma is thick,
The person who dislikes Menma might be careful…

The taste of the dark eye overall,
I got the impression that the chopped onion was neutralized and balanced.
The noodles were straight for chuta.
↓ ↓


I’m going to eat a lot,
The ramen is half a piece.
In two to three hours,
Such as the udon of Ozara,
Yamanashi Gourmet is likely to eat.

To save money, the central road
To the middle and Takao IC of the destination of Hachioji…
Let’s go down the road steadily after!!

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Personal notes
Ranked 41st, followed by yesterday
Three wins and two defeats for Legion.
VS Zombies 3 wins
The dream of the 30th place, not fulfilled…

The tail of a certain afie, still not visible.
Until gabriels its tail
There is only a push!

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