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B-Class gourmet journey towards the Central Road (4)-Michi-no-eki-no-bun

B-Class gourmet journey towards the Central Road (4)-Michi-no-eki-no-bun

Five years in the way Station Fujiyoshida Revisited (^^)

This place availability the natural water of Mt. Fuji.
There is also a spot where you can experience “the coldest of Mt. Fuji”
It looks like it’s becoming popular…

Yoshida’s udon is famous around Fujiyoshida,
Because there is a food court of the udon specialty in this road station,
And those who are troublesome to find a specialty store in the city,
There is a plan to eat other things, for those who want to eat to taste for the time being recommend Coco.


I ate udon earlier, so I didn’t eat here.

If you’re looking for something else or a farmer’s sales place
Funny thing is… (B _ B) plains?


It seems to have made a bun.
I have to buy this.


The skin is a bun with flour.
The inside is a pumpkin, taro, carrots, and other ingredients.
Because it is a pumpkin base, it is a little sweet.

This is the Kore, I Wonder (^^)

In addition, I get the second peach here today!!


It seems to be caught in the morning, and ripe system again.
Is it still not good in the afternoon?
This time, I do not have a hard-ticking peach-(> _

On the way to today’s Inn
Enjoy the sunset at Lake Kawaguchi…


This beauty is unforgettable.
Let’s come again someday.
Mt. Fuji, eventually…

Michi no Eki Fujiyoshida
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40th Place
3 wins 2-1
The next day is the 45th place. Two wins and one loss to the rival (T_T) Zombies
If the seafood system is not put, access decreases as soon as…

If you do a blog that specializes in seafood bowl and sashimi meal someone,
It’s going to be more accessible.

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