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B-Class gourmet trip to the central Road-(2) Yamanashi is a fruit!! @ Roadside Station Tsuru

B-Class gourmet trip to the central Road-(2) Yamanashi is a fruit!! @ Roadside Station Tsuru

Well, before we go to Lake Kawaguchi

Since we entered Yamanashi,
I want to eat fruit anyway (^ q ^)

This time of year (July head) is a peach.

… So, I stopped by the station Tsuru on the way.

This is close to the linear base,
The test line, a linear thing seemed to roar and left momentarily.


A slightly hardened peach of a rose sale
Get the last one. 200 Yen ya


Please, I can’t.
I was peeled by the sister of the department store (^^)
It was good only to divide it into bisector.

This is also a kind of ripe type.
It was cruel, but not softer, compared to the kind of apples we were looking for hard (^^)
Above all, it was slightly sweet and fruity (^^)

However, it is true that it was not the hardness that I expected.
Was it the afternoon that we arrived?

The station on this road
Whether or not the standard is sold.
It’s a local…


I remember

Even the same peach, and hard breeds like apples,
There seems to be a little soft-eyed breed of ripe system.

It seems that the Yamanashi residents are not always eating only peach of ticks like the former…
I’m eating peaches that are not soft… It might be a correct expression to say.

At a certain Ke ○ min show,

Yamanashi residents eat only hard peaches.

What was the content of Ya,
A certain agricultural sales place (it is not tsuru the road station), the tourists of the Obchan

I’m not buying a hard peach.
“It’s an old peach that’s a little soft, so you’re looking at your feet and selling it?”
What, I saw the place to put the Ichamon to the people of the shop.

Shop people struggle to explain the difference between peach breeds.
Also, if you want to taste the solidified peach like you were doing on TV, eating on the day, after that I was always talking about not being held accountable.

The world today, or because the information is too flooded,
I can understand the feeling that it is easy to be skeptical about anything.

I do not want to pay extra money for things that I do not see in the amount.

Just because you’re a tourist, everyone’s going to get angry at being able to see your feet outright.
(The tourist area is the thing that has come up to now…)

Sellers that know it, for the current situation is becoming severe, but I have to respond while studying like the person of this store,
It is also true that the fellow who is doing the old-fashioned business is pulling the foot now. (Last year’s story, I was able to see my own feet, and I was bought a big peach for three hundred yen. The taste was clearly compared with the thing of the tasting that the big was soft indeed. )

It is not possible for the consumer to pick it in the hand because it is a peach.
There is no choice but to be told by the store person.
So, is it easy to spur distrust??

And the peach of B-grade is also a different way, so the story seems to be more complicated.

To come this far, to meet the peach you want to be sure,
In the early morning to go to the produce sales place,
It costs money, but I have to go directly to the farm to hunt Peaches.
And I have to look at the farm’s WEBSITE to make sure that I’m making a hard peach variety.
(If you have any, it is soft, no matter what)

To defend the people of Yamanashi,

The peach of the ripe variety is hard to be able to be harvested,
Softer than a hard breed.

There is a trader who suddenly occurs like the former,
Sometimes we sell strange things to tourists,

I sell that everyone is looking at the feet of tourists and not having old peaches.
In addition,
This year, especially because of the monkey seems to be the damage to the Han PA,
I will understand that I want to earn even a little.

It’s hard to find anywhere.

Just like me.
Eat or be eaten?
I’m just thinking about it.
The travel of the trouble becomes trivial, too.

We, the traveller, need to have a technique to enjoy even if deceived.

The preventive measures when I enjoy “ordinary travel” rather than “study trip”

Do not put out the hand as much as possible to the thing which seems to be high.
-Walk around a little and look for a cheap store.
Better than Best
And compromise on my own and convince…
To achieve the goal only…
The fellow who is calling is completely disregarded

Well, it’s not very helpful, but less shock when I pulled it off.
(By the way, my local prefecture is a little off-the-counter in the Cospa, Ibaraki is a little less. This is why I recommend Ibaraki.

Too hot,
The story flew off the day after tomorrow.

In Yamanashi, we will have a few weeks
It is a welcome period to enjoy both peaches and grapes.
If you like fruit, please try it.

Worst, if you go to the supermarket of local capital, you can GET a decent thing.
Even the unsold grapes and peaches are not expected to hit at all, but they are not to be pulled off…
The cheat is not effective because it is a business of the jimoti person tentatively.

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Personal notes
Rank 39
VS 4 wins 1 loss
VS Zombies 3 wins
30th Place after a long time. Encouraging.

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