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Boulangerie Malesherbu

Boulangerie Malesherbu


This day, I went to a bakery tour ◎ bought is “Boulangerie Malesherbu”.

The address is on the river along the southern District.



It is a stylish appearance ◎

The atmosphere of the bakery is good…


The bread which seems to be delicious in a small, wonderful space is lined up ♪

There is a sense of luxury ◎

I purchased several from this.

Croissants (160 yen)

Delicious ♪

The smell of the dark butter was taste.

But I was able to eat it without tenaciously ◎

Brioche (140 yen)

Because I ate it the next day when I bought it, it became stiff… Fail… Lol

I wish I had been warm…

Vienowa Chocolat (220 yen)

A big chocolate chip is really tight!

This chocolate is a deep taste with a sense of luxury ◎

Every bread was immersed in a rich mood, it tasted and smelled ♪

It is fashionable when I usually go to such a bakery…

Also with the line.


Boulangerie Malesherbu

● Address

Hokkaido 2-12 3-chome, Kawago, Minami-ku, Sapporo
Business Hours

8:00 ~ 18:00

● Telephone


● Regular holiday

Thursday, 2nd Wednesday


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