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Go out to Tama-Shiogama Kannon Onsen in Tama Animal Park’s specialty “Koala Bento” & Bonus

Go out to Tama-Shiogama Kannon Onsen in Tama Animal Park’s special “Koala Bento” & Bonus

This time I remembered what I left out five years ago,
The other day, when I headed for Hachioji, suddenly…

High speed only use the capital high,
After the No. 20 straight, from the middle to the Nomonkey highway

Where are you looking for?
It is located on the side of the school Road on Teikyo University.


Was there was


The Shiogama Onsen stand (Kannon Onsen) is actually revisited for five years (^^;

There is a hot spring in the title,
There is no one day hot spring here.

Take a hot spring here, bring it home and take a bath…

Last time, I could only take blurred photos,
One new piece (^^)

There are many students, so you should be careful about driving a car. (^^;

But as usual ~ 20L 400 yen is high ~ (T_T)


Here is a hot spring stand,
Look, it’s close to the gas station.

The amber-colored hot spring water containing salt
Even if I put about 8L in a bath, it warms up considerably.

… It may seem that there is no need to warm up in the midsummer, but there are some unexpected uses.

Back pain or
Too cold by air conditioner
It’s a… It’s quite useful (^^)

If you are a woman, you will be able to see the effect even when you are not welcome visitors.

Individual Differences,
For any of the symptoms,
Put 8L in the bathtub with hot water to warm,
If you soak 15 minutes, you can see the effect.

In addition, the firing from the bathtub or gas kettle damageRight…
After that, the remaining hot water flows immediately.

Not limited to here, if the hot springs of sodium chloride spring,
Similar effects are.

By the way

Ibaraki if Oarai,
If you are in Saitama,
If Gunma, Shibukawa,
Yokohama Onsen Challenger, if Kanagawa
In Tochigi, Takenizawa or Yaita is similar to spring quality.

If the pain relief does not work, I want to try by all means.

If you are interested in the early articles of our blog,
In March 2016,
I have posted a list of hot springs sales in each prefecture separately
Please refer to M (__) m

In addition, those who do not have hot spring sale nearby,
Try the Himalayan rock salt.

… The story has gone in the direction of the day after tomorrow.
Back to the Chase (̄ ̄;)

After this,
Within a 10-minute drive
To Tama Animal Park…

It hurts 600 yen in the parking lot and the cheap place.
Well, it’s not char. (-_-;)

This day is for weekdays, and the small-eyed customer choi

The lion is free. (̄ ̄;)


The face and torso are unbalanced… (̄ ̄;)


The giraffe also unmanageable the head…


The last tour was only two hours, so I could not see the statue and the giraffe was salvaged in the stables,
This time it’s Revenge (^^)

The last five minutes, we went to the Koala house…

Usually, the face of the koala is not easily worshipped, but…


Super-lucky W (° O °) W

This guy is amazing!! (° O) No

An outrageous rare scene

Ate koala is feeding (◎ o ◎)/


Hare to be seen, very touching and (T_T)

Alright, here’s the real issue!!

A bento with a koala motif is on sale.

Koala bento @ 580 Yen ya


The ingredients are Kinshi egg, the part of the ear divided meat dumpling
Chicken Teriyaki Slices
The meal below is a taste like rice mixed with wild vegetables.
Is a little sticky rice mixed??
It was a feeling like a rice.
I forgot what part of the koala’s face was (T_T)

Well, the taste is neither acceptable nor impossible to feel.

By the way, the guy like the curry at the top of the photo
Normal Hayashi Rice (^^)

Admission fee of Tama Animal Park is free several times a year.
Is it spring and autumn?

It might be good to examine it.
Just because this time becomes quite crowded,
It may be safe to use the train (^^)

Also, if you like Shinsengumi,
It is also good to stop by Takahata Fudo…
The statue of Hijikata Toshizo stands, too.

If you walk around, there might be something interesting…

It’s also close to Tama Zoo (^^)

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