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Kinsho Castle (Araki Castle) [1/2] The mountain ruins of the medieval mountains built by the “Araki Demon” of Tanba.

Kinsho Castle (Araki Castle) [1/2] The mountain ruins of the medieval mountains built by the “Araki Demon” of Tanba.

The castle is one of the medieval Yamashiro fortress in the eastern part of Tanba country, and it was the castle of Mr. Araki who served as Mr. Hatano, who was the feudal lord of this place. The second Tanba attack of Akechi Mitsuhide said that he was asked to become a subordinate to mitsuhide from the end of the fierce battle and the brave. In the summit area, the melody group spreads along the ridge, and the soil bridge and the soil base remain in part clearly, but it is not maintained most except the main Guo. At the foot of the mountain, a fortress with a huge horikiri and a base remains, which is transmitted to the place where Mitsuhide was paved with the work Castle attack. It is called “Araki Castle” by taking the name of Lord.

Basic Data >
Name: Zaijo Castle (aka Araki Castle)
● Location: Sasayama City, Hyogo Prefecture ( map )
● Main building: Araki Mr. Rope
● Castle: Astronomical Year (1532-1555)
-Remains: Melody, Horikiri, earth base, Dobashi, etc.

Visit Time: 2016.5
Visit to the work place Castle- one , two .

Visit >

saikusho-jo-0180a-0353The place is near the “Tanba work place” intersection. There is a guide board of “Araki Castle ruins trailhead Here” on the road to the mountain from the place where there is coop etc. at the intersection corner.

saikusho-jo-0185sAmong the mountains in front of the mountain, the top of the left, the place where the tree is cut somewhat (the main Guo is cut down so that it is easy to understand) is the main enclosure. The tip of the ridge extending to the right on the opposite side of the gate. The explanation board of Araki Ruins is built along the road, so let’s not forget to take a look.

saikusho-jo-0186Araki Ruins explanation board. The castle and Mr. Araki (Lord) are clearly written and entwined with the Akechi Tanba attack. Although it was often called the work place Castle from the place name origin before here, it seems to promote it by the name of Araki Castle in order to appeal to the castle of the Takeshi Araki Demon. The altitude is 400m and the ratio is 170m high.

saikusho-jo-0187b-maphEbisubashi Kosho Publishing [illustrated the “Castle of the Kansai III” p.423 quote. Unfortunately, there is no rope in the field, so I introduced a quote from the book at hand. Although the north is above the rope in the book published, because it sees in the front of the east at the time of the castle, posted in the figure was on the east. The “Break of the tree” of the mountaintop which was seen from the foot was marked. The song ring spreads to more than 200m in the vicinity of the mountaintop and north and south, but is almost undeveloped except for main Guo. The Dobashi in the south of the melody (upper right) and the view, the large Horikiri/Dobashi of the west of the melody (figure lower left), and the soil base and the vertical moat which remain in the tip of the wheel. Especially, it was not the one that the cut tree was left in large quantities as it was and it was seen in the vicinity of the V Guo IV Guo VIII enclosure around the main Guo.

saikusho-jo-0189Let’s discourage up and climb to the castle. The stone monument of the castle ruins that Silkeborg found. It seems to have been designated as one of the “Tanba Sasayama Isomiyoshi” which collected the historical sights of Sasayama district. According to Sasayama CITY hp , and temples and shrines shrines and mountain ruins from the tomb, the collection that chose the best of 53 from the bitter candidate group. It seems that the stone monument of the above was built although the castle of the place of work is off from the isotertiary selection. I want to see all of such historical historical sites when the Castle Tour settles down eventually.

saikusho-jo-0191The sign of the trailhead re-appears when I go straight on the road. It seems not to go straight anyway though it is difficult to understand which one the arrow drew two. They turn to the right

saikusho-jo-0192a-0348Before long, the place where the bamboo was cut down and the road which rises to the ridge muscle was established behind the building like the White warehouse. This is the Araki Castle Mountain trailhead. It says about 35 minutes to the summit. Just now 11:20. The local people who had been working on the right side (outside of the photo) and climb, “there is a pretty steep point last,” and was cheered. Let’s do it!

saikusho-jo-0194The start of the castle. It used to be a bamboo grove here. It is cut down now and the entrance is comprehensible.

saikusho-jo-0196As I looked up from the foot of the mountain, a path like a gentle cut-through trail continued.

saikusho-jo-0197It gets to the place where the company etc. are erected before long by a little wide cutting.

saikusho-jo-0198Shrine and Torii. It is said that this is a fortress ruins of a work place, and it is transmitted with the castle ruins that Araki Demon built Akechi army to attack the siege. A large army is stationed in the wide part, and a huge horikiri and the wall of the Earth base remain on the castle side. When you go up the slope at the back of the Torii, you will reach the longest part of the base (there is a shrine), but when you go to the route to bypass the left slope without noticing. The castle ruins are the correct way.

saikusho-jo-0344The right back side of the ground base is considerably wide and is cut flat. It seems to be able to garrison the large army to the extent that it does not show it to the back of the former big soil base.

saikusho-jo-0199Go to the ruins of the mountain. There was an old “work place Castle” signboard when going up. Since then, two types of guide Board of the “Araki Castle Ruins” and “Castle of the work place” are mushrooming to the silkeborg. Well let’s see.

saikusho-jo-0200About 30 minutes after Araki Castle ruins. Certainly about five minutes to start. Seems to be climbing at a standard pace.

saikusho-jo-0201The white work Place Castle (Bent) and the brown work place Castle placed on the ground, and the Guide Board of the brand new Araki ruins in the back. Three places to see at the same time.

saikusho-jo-0203When I look to the right by chance, a huge horikiri and a large earth base. This is like the tip of the fort that I saw earlier. The Akechi Army was stationed on the other side. Because the company is seen on the ground base, I stop a little.

saikusho-jo-0338A shrine that is enshrined in the top of the ground at the fort of the craft.

saikusho-jo-0206Head to the mountain. The time of this brand new guide board which is built on the way is considerably carved though it is only going to climb fast without the thing which sees in particular until approaching the castle ruins, and looking forward to it (? It climbs. About 25 minutes.

saikusho-jo-0207About twenty minutes.

saikusho-jo-0209About 17 minutes. I was suddenly carved. There is a fallen tree to the back. In fact, it will arrive in a minute or two from 20 minutes to 17 minutes.

saikusho-jo-0212Put up the Yell! About fourteen minutes.

saikusho-jo-0217The road is built to wrap around a steep ridge. The outside is an upsurge like the base of the Earth. On this right side, there was a melody XIV which is also on the rope-clad figure.

saikusho-jo-0221Another breath, about ten minutes. There are quite a few slopes in front of the eyes.

saikusho-jo-0222The slope on the slopes is getting longer.

saikusho-jo-0223I went up the long slope and came to think and the last difficulty. The slope is not comparable to that of the shore. About six minutes.

saikusho-jo-0224Climb, the tiger rope was installed by the ancestors. It is very difficult to climb. The rope is lifted up in the hand. It is on the slope which goes from VII to VI of the first in the rope figure. Although it is drawn so that there is a road to the left and right without directly climbing the slope in the rope-clad figure, at least when visiting there was no way seems. Because it is the same degree that it is hard to go from either, climb from here there is a tiger rope at least.

saikusho-jo-0230Down the rope. This above is the main Guo group. The last sign and the summit were about one minute away. It goes up to the right, it bends to the left, and it enters the main Guo group.

saikusho-jo-0232Entrance to the main Guo group. The base is piled on the left and right, and it is a tiger mouth style.

saikusho-jo-0234Beyond the tiger mouth to the main Guo group. A large amount of withered wood is piled up for some reason the main Guo is sure to see when turning to the right.

saikusho-jo-0237It feels like this until the inflection wheel in front of the main Guo. What the hell. The rush job is a disappointment.

saikusho-jo-0239Beyond the waste storage place, to the main enclosure at the back. The waste was not put here indeed. It’s a pretty wide melody. The melody group extends here along the ridge in the east and west at the top. The Lord Guo arrived at 11:48, took a picture and climbed about 30 minutes. The time described in the Guide Board of various places is almost certain.

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Date of Visit: May, 2016
Photographic equipment: FUJIFILM X-M1 + XF14mm
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