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Kobe A-1 Kobe (KOBE A-1) we have a long-established Japanese Wagyu beef steak in Sannomiya, Hyogo.

Kobe A-1 Kobe (KOBE A-1) we have a long-established Japanese Wagyu beef steak in Sannomiya, Hyogo.

  にほんブログ村 グルメブログ 関西食べ歩きへ

Marykrima? It doesn’t matter but… I hate it because I feel lonely somehow w

The ability is too much, and the update is stuck.


My eyes hurt and my eyes hurt.

I never go to eat.

The way to the article is far away from the stress release.

This day is a luxury steak

A steak shop that was taken to the bubble

I didn’t remember it at all because it was small, but I wanted to eat it.


The pictures are dead, too.

The camera is out of order.

Not a negative article ^ ^

A-1 in front of Kobe Sannomiya Ikuta Shrine

Ikuta Shrine Tokyu Hands back is crowded with Pokémon go


It’s right here in the back.

It’s like a table in the back of the counter main


I remember taking him to the shop in Minami, Osaka.


There are a lot of people who come to miss the customer.

Steak is Wagyu

It seems not to be Kobe beef, but the volume is satisfactory to me.

The smallest of the filet steak course

I have wine.


The soup is diluted in taste and tastes of vegetables and beef.


Is it the edge of meat?

It’s delicious.


Eat the salad well.

The dressing of such a shop is good after all.

It reminds me of the dressing I got from this mother who’s teppanyaki, but I can’t win it.



Not the type to eat on the iron plate in front of you

Can you bake it with a plate and bring it in as it is?


It is a lid on vegetables

The blogger who cannot see Meat-chan cry


Push out and pull out

Just give me a nice look.

Photo Chile

I eat well from vegetables… I’m scared because I’m fat. WWW middle age overweight guy




It’s just right.

It’s not as intensely greasy gish as I’d like.

Yes, Shiume.

There is a decent fat ride! But it’s affordable and it’s my own.

The set of rice

Can you turn it into garlic rice in about 200 yen?

It’s a good decision.

Even if I can’t finish eating it, I will let you take it home.


This is normal rice.

Japanese style Yukari Arnd Hafner Pickles


Why is there a stomach medicine on the table?

When I heard it from my predecessor,

I got a stomach full

If you eat another piece of meat, it makes me happy.

So, it is not a thing to eat the meat of this place and stomach, W

Do you understand?


I was satisfied with a nostalgic taste somehow

This day was on the train and in front of the human accident

It was an hour late start


Re-recognizing that I want to go to the main place called a long-established

I think that it is moist in the place where it is not crowded somehow.

Are you tired? W

It is an occasional update but-sorry…

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The shop information is at the time that went. Please check with the shop for details.

Shop name Koubeawan Kobe (KOBE A-1)

Address 2-11-26 Shimoyama-dori, Chuo-ku, Kobe, Hyogo

Phone number 078-331-8932
Business hours 12:00 ~ 23:00
Closed Wednesday
Parking lot
Map Https://
Home Page
Eating log Koubeawan kobe ( steak / Sannomiya Station (Kobe Municipal), Kobe Sannomiya Station (Hankyu), Minowa Station (JR))


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