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Lake Town Vegetable with a heap of ramen and super huge nan, and a certain spa spring water in Saitama 、、、 @ Saitama East

Lake Town Vegetable with a heap of ramen and super huge nan, and a certain spa spring water in Saitama 、、、 @ Saitama East

Well, I tried to take my wife to the amazing hot springs, called the Koharu weather of Saitama City or the hot spring of Kazado Sugito.

As the road construction jams started,
There is a lot of congestion everywhere,
It is not likely to arrive very…

From the home of Funabashi to around Soka,
It took me almost two hours. 、、、 (ω-)

I can’t do anything with this.

Change the appointment here.
To receive a certain mineral spring water,
Change the destination to the east of Saitama.
(We always have a few 4L bottles in our car…)

First of all, are you hungry 、、、

Anyway, I stop by Lake Town.

Speaking of this
I eat three times a year.
Ramen 、、、

This time
To 200G of normal size noodles,
Twice as many vegetables, garlic, and abura.


Sedge Visual!! (⊃ Д) ⊃ ≡ °
This is Choi and regret 😓

Because it is crowded during the spring vacation period,
It’s a little bit thinner than it used to be 、、、
The increase of the abura is double, and the addition of the sauce might be inevitable.
The contents are like this 、、、


There are some curry shops in this place.
For the time being knuckles by Nan, to the India curry Shop


Nan here is huge!! (⊃ Д) ⊃ ≡ °


The curry is 780 yen.
Half & half with butter chicken and spicy mutton
The mutton is completely smell, and this is delicious.
It’s really recommended for everyone.

Each wife and two were captured,
The belly was not reduced until the night, and it became bread pan.

The policy of not leaving the obstinacy has been avenged 、、、


Well, thankfully,
A certain hot spring group [a certain captain],
I like to take a peek into this blog,
Here is a personal message for him…

This is from Leiden.
Go back to the hot chicken,
His favorite ‘ Hentai play ‘ 、、、 😓

From here
For ordinary B-class gourmet fans,
A maniac world I can’t understand.

So, other than hot Springs Mania please through (-_-;)

After AEON for a while, shopping for a drink and seeing the sights,
Visit a certain shrine famous for spring water 、、、

The concrete place is lowered,
You know, you might be barre 、、、 😅

After you give your offering and pray
Crowned the water you were curious about 、、、

The spring water here is pumped from 200 to 300m in the ground, but despite the cost of electricity,
It flows to the place where it throws away.


Water is availability and it is free.
Availability has been maintained 、、、

The day of the visit 、、、 weekdays

Therefore, no one is
The water that was pumped
Only sucked into the outlet 、、、

This is too good (‘ Д ́) No!!!

Because I cannot bear being thrown away,
It’s good to be a little Dai, 、、、 😅

For the time being, let me Gradierwerk 36L.

The spring water here is the smell of hydrogen sulfide odor and iron,
And, it contains some salinity, and there is a tsuripta feel.
This is the water that purifies the body. I was worried about what would happen if I used it.

As a pretext, so I have to turn to bath the minute that I could not drink, turning a little to drink from each pet bottle,
Turn that rest into bath.

First of all, the bath is covered with 65 °c
Pour the mineral water that you can’t drink there.

This is
Do not be “Avirman”
It’s a true value of ‘ Sosogiman ‘ 、、、


And the feeling of Bath is rather 、、、
Although fairly thin, it definitely felt like it contained a spa ingredient.

If you do not dilute it with hot water and use it as it is, you will definitely get a considerable sense of bath.

But it’s a summer spa 、、、
I think that I should be able to taste the feature of the source more if I lukewarm and make it thick.

While the two-to-one, while bathing is slippery, I feel a little umbrella when I go up, but the hot water is felt even more than a normal bath.

It was the feeling that the mineral water in the large region in Gunma was thinned.

Shrines a shrine once,
There are several places where the spa is attached as a medicine water,
They seem to have gushing out the spa before.

Hundreds of years have passed, and there are many cases of dry wells that become ordinary spring water and the ingredients are decreasing,
Not all of this is true.

In Saitama, including Koshigaya,
Chiba if the Kemigawa × 2, in Tokyo Shibamata, Ibaraki Hitachi Omiya and Tsunrikuota, etc.,
50-70km radius from Mt. Tsukuba
Because there is a case that springs like this kind of spa spring,
I want to study a little more.

Recently, not only B-class gourmet,
It tends to increase the article related to hot spring like the previous blog… 😅

I think this is an ikan,
It’s a hobby. M (__) m

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