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List of Hot springs in Tokyo (as of March, H28)

List of Hot springs in Tokyo (as of March, H28)

In addition, the hot spring stand of the islands part is omitted because it cannot be physically and realistically impossible to take a takeaway to Chiba.

(1) Shiogama Onsen Stand
It’s like a gas station. (^^)
20L400 yen. Sodium chloride spring.
It is located near the university’s Hachioji campus.
Because a red tower stands, I can understand it soon.
There is no parking space, so be careful.
Hachioji City, but it is almost TAMA city. No bathing facilities.
Sodium chloride Spring

(2) Crane hot Spring Sale

You can buy it at a few restaurants around Okutama Lake in Okutama town. 20L200 yen
In addition, the free source was abolished in full H24 6 There are bathing facilities around.
Simple sulfur Spring

(3) Musashi-Murayama-shi/Karip-yu Onsen Stand

The surrounding area including the bathing facilities was not allowed to be renovated until September H24, but resumed in October. The bath water sales are alive and well.
Prescribed Spring

(4) Hihara-mura/several-horse hot spring stand
I received the information of the business confirmation from Mr. ONKEN21.
See the comments section for details.

(Below, the temperature of the abolition confirmation ○ Stand or unknown thing)

・Oedo Higashiyama Onsen Stand
It seems to have been abolished before and after the bathing facilities closed.

・Sales of Hot springs in Ikebukuro and Hinken Gakuen
It was not possible to confirm the whereabouts in the field survey of the H24 year winter though it was the carrying hot water from the Kinugawa ○ Fountain and existed until around H10 year.

・Ota-ku Haneda Kitoya Onsen stand… Indefinite pause. No sign of resurrection.

・Sunrise slippery hot spring stand… There is an ordinance of the hot spring… There was a former hot spring stand that could not be found in the locale, but… It seems to have gone.

・Hachioji City, Hintoriyama Onsen stand… It has been closed since Fukufuku-no-Yu was closed in 2006.

・Fudaiji Izumi-Izumi Yukari is closed in January 26, and by a different trader now, it is open to reopen the day bathing as Fudaiji Onsen Yunamori no Sato, it is unclear whether the hot spring water sales continue.

・Na ○ Industrial Hot Spring Sale near Kasai Bridge… I checked the site last year, but I cannot confirm the building of the company. Hp has also disappeared during the four years.

・Azabu Takeyu’s “Kuromimizu” Hot spring sale… I’m not selling anymore. We confirmed the stop of sales at the site.

In addition, public baths using hot spring water are open.

In addition, there seems to be a lot of hot spring delivery companies in Tokyo. 2 ~ 5000 yen If you do not mind paying, let’s search.

What do you care about Tokyo? There are some local B-class gourmet.
The Musashino udon is eaten from Saitama to the northwest of Tokyo.
There are also things such as Hachioji ramen and Higashi-Murayama Yaki soba…
Speaking of the representative of the local B-class gourmet in Tokyo from the old days,
Is it still going to be baked??


This information is at the time of H28 years.
Bath water vending machines and distributors tend to be removed in recent years.
Please forgive me in case of abolition.
In rare cases, it is possible to infect Legionella bacteria and cause pneumonia-like symptoms. Please be careful with your elderly people.

Any source bath water may damage the bath pot or bathtub.
If you have a simple spring, you can dilute it at least twice, or five times more than
I recommend that you use it.
The remaining hot water cannot be used for washing.
In addition, because the fungus is easy to reproduce, it is recommended that you rinse immediately.

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