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Multi-national Kitchen AJA

Multi-national Kitchen AJA


I went to an ethnic food shop, a multinational kitchen aja.

Sometimes I want to go to a shop like this!


The atmosphere in the restaurant feels like a stall in Southeast Asia.

I love the atmosphere of the ethnic groups ◎

It’s exciting!

Unlimited drinks (120 minutes 1,500 Yen → coupon use 980 yen)

The glass is chilly ◎

I’m going to order more and more!!

Grilled Salmon with caesar salad (680 yen)

The first is a classic salad.

I ordered it because it is not ethnic lol.

I was not good at raw, but I noticed a hot thing recently toasted ◎

Indonesia Grilled chicken with satate (2 bottles 400 yen)

Peanut sauce? I will take this.

The meat and the sweet sauce fit, right?

The meat was soft and delicious!

Fresh spring rolls of shrimp and auburn (580 yen)

If you come to such a place, the raw spring roll will not be missed!

I was just asking for a fresh spring roll of smoked chicken and cheese, so it was a pity that I made a mistake.

But it was delicious!

Dinosaur eggs (480 yen)

The bottom line is boiled egg, lol.

The noodles were fried, and the salt and pepper worked, and it became a snack unexpectedly.

Gaspao’rice ~ Thailand Fried Rice ~ (680 yen)

A warm ball is on the top of the ground and it mixes it.

The bottom is a normal meal.

There was a volume, and it was just good for the deadline ◎

Seasoning itself is gentle seasoning.

On the way, I was sorry there was an order mistake, no problem because the customer service was good ◎

Because the atmosphere is good, I think that it is a fun drink shop with Wai friends ♪

Also with the line.


Multi-national Kitchen AJA

● Address

Hokkaido Minami 3-Jo Nishi 3, Chuo-ku, Sapporo Playtown Fujoi Building B1
Business Hours

17:00 ~ 03:00 (L.O.02:00)

● Telephone


● Regular holiday



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