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Prajna-ji Castle: Akechi Mitsuhide was built in front of the castle of Hachijojo in the Tanba attack.

Prajna-ji Castle: Akechi Mitsuhide was built in front of the castle of Hachijojo in the Tanba attack.

Prajna-ji Castle is a castle built on a mound in front of the Tanba Hachijo Castle , and in the Tensho period, when the second Tamba attack by the Oda army, the general Akechi Mitsuhide is attacking the castle Hachijojo, the Sengoku daimyo of Tamba The castle ruins of the castle were built in front of the American enterprises will sacking the surrounding castles. It was in the hill in the rear of the positive sense temple, and three tune rings were connected to the elongated summit part, and the glare was had enough sense in eight on Lord Guo. In recent years, the atmosphere at that time was revived as the trees of the east-wheel ring were cut down when the maintenance of the melody Group was advanced, and it visited. Expected to be maintained in the future.

Basic Data >
● Name: Prajna-ji Castle
● Location: Sasayama City, Hyogo Prefecture ( map )
● Main building: Mitsuhide Akechi
● Castle: Tensho Six to seven years (1578-79)
-Remains: melody, vertical moat?

Visit >

hanyajijo-0919This mountain is Prajna Ji Castle ruins. The entrance is from the precincts of “Seikakuji” on the south side of the foothills.

hanyajijo-0920This is the gate of Seikakuji Temple. There is an explanatory board on the right.

hanyajijo-0921Seikakuji Temple and Prajna Temple castle ruins explanation board. The time of Mr. Hatano is a temple called Daimatsuyama Prajna-ji temple, and Akechi Mitsuhide builds the castle on its rear mountain, and the Prajna temple in the battle is burnt down. In the Edo period, the present Seikaku temple was erected on the site. “I refuse except a reservation” is a story of the Garden Tour.

hanyajijo-0922To the positive temple boundary. There is a nursery, so there is play equipment. Temples and nurseries are a long-time combination.

hanyajijo-0923From the side of the nursery to the Prajna, we headed to the castle ruins of the temple. To the back of this road on the right.

hanyajijo-0924End. There seems to be no road in particular, but this is the Prajna temple ruins. Climb

hanyajijo-0925There is not the atmosphere which seems to be the road especially on the way. But I’m going to go further.

hanyajijo-0926It might have climbed about half, and the atmosphere which seemed to be the road came out.

hanyajijo-0928As we approached the summit, the trees were cut down, the stairs were made with the cut wood, and a sense of maintenance came out.

hanyajijo-0929The front is the East wheel. Let’s go sideways and take a look at the panorama.

hanyajijo-0930a-0936Prajna-ji Castle ruins the east wheel track. It is cut down, and maintenance advances, and the atmosphere at that time can be glimpsed. At that time, the flag of Kikyo (crest of Akechi Mitsuhide) might have threatened the head of eight Kamishiro Hatano in the front. The walls were built in a simple tree, and the building was built with a view of the tower. Imagination swells.

hanyajijo-0930b-0932To the top of the East wheel. The big tree in the circumference of the melody ring does not cut off when going up on the tune ring, too and there is not a little dim view though it seemed to be maintained well when seeing from the bottom.

hanyajijo-0931The eight-Lord Guo section in front. I barely hope from the gaps in the trees. If you can cut a few tall trees just around here.

hanyajijo-0938Only the East wheel is in service (when visiting. Because it was that, it 2016.5 toward the center of the tune and the West song ring. There is a way. The exit is located on the west side of the temple (behind the main hall of Seikakuji).

hanyajijo-0940Near the central wheel. It stopped it to rise up in the completely undeveloped. The hand of maintenance will extend here if the maintenance of the East tune Ring is’re lucky.

hanyajijo-0942I feel like going down the slope a little to the west.

hanyajijo-0943This is probably the tip of the west side. I’m not sure.

hanyajijo-0944A dent in a vertical-tic slope. No posted in the rope in hand.

hanyajijo-0945The eighth Castle is seen through the main hall of Seikakuji temple from the west exit. Front, only the old Sanin road that separates.

hanyajijo-0946I see the Lord Guo from around the front of the temple.

Date of Visit: May, 2016
Photographic equipment: FUJIFILM X-M1 + XF14mm
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