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Road station Kai Yamato’s B-class gourmet-maimushroom Udon & Koshu Katsudon @ Yamanashi Kai Yamato

Road station Kai Yamato’s B-class gourmet-maimushroom Udon & Koshu Katsudon @ Yamanashi Kai Yamato

I have accumulated the stock of Neta,
The stock of the past is discharged fast.

When I go to Yamanashi,
Before and after entering the Kofu basin, it is necessary to stop at a break.
This road station, Kai Yamato


However, there are few opportunities to eat here too much.

Here, I made the noodles of the forest udon
, I was looking forward to it.

It was mercilessly erased from the menu…

。。 (_ _) Σ?

Because I had to endure hunger for this purpose,
I feel tired at once…

No char,
I ordered Koshu Katsudon and mai mushroom udon.


Mai mushroom seems to be a specialty around here,
The freshness was outstanding.
It is thick like the udon of Yamanashi,
For boiled noodles, it was a strong noodle of the waist.
(In fact, the point is that it was frozen… No wonder there’s a waist.

Because the culture of Nagano is flowing, Koshu Katsudon
It was a sauce and rice bowl tailoring.


Later, when I went to buy a peach, I paid the ticket to the photo.

Because I forgot the price,
Both, 1230 yen and But…

In addition, Motu boiled is like the usual pig motu boiled.
It is regrettable that it is not boiled motu Koshu (T_T)

Personal assessment

Very good. Good taste.
But I was troubled by the categorization.
Because the udon is a Yamanashi table, it is good in Gilkiri certification
Katsudon, Nagano-style… (^_^;)

Therefore, it will be treated as B-class gourmet in a broad sense.

(Peripheral information)
This is the season for Peaches,
The solid peach of Yamanashi is cheap to buy (^^)

From here, we are going to go a few kilometers toward Yamanashi city
Turn right and turn 180 degrees and climb the mountain path,
There is a mountain hot spring in Yamato.

It is an alkaline, slippery hot spring,
There is a hot water in the hotel.

By the way, Tenmezan
It’s like the land of destruction, Mr. Takeda.

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I was found in the “watchdog” of the previous blog (̄ ̄;)

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