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Shizuoka and Yamanashi B-Class trip (9) The local menu (without real food) found at the roadside station Fujikawa & Power Spot

Shizuoka and Yamanashi B-Class trip (9) The local menu (without real food) found at the roadside station Fujikawa & Power Spot

Now, the continuation of the previous one…

At Fujinomiya,
We enjoyed the Shizuoka Oden and the Fujinomiya grilled soba.
Looking for a place like a power spot,
The R52 on the Minobu line was running towards Yamanashi.

Again, I’m worried about things like this again.
I’ve eaten the road… (̄ ̄;)


This is already Bjorki (@ _ @)

“Choyo ~ Leiden”
In the Red Way line
Like Johnny Leiden’s memory,
The memory of a lost chicken
Seems to be getting back… (-_-;)

You have to refrain from the circumference and seal it a little (̄ ̄;)

By the way, Kore
It is in the parking lot of the day bathing facilities in the southern town.

The view of the Fujikawa is good, but I do not see Mt. Fuji (T_T)


The power spots around here,
There’s no other way…

By the thing, visit a certain temple


It is quite deep in the mountains and there are no stairs.
We went up by car from the side road to near the main hall.
I didn’t climb this terrible staircase…

, But it is better to climb this hard
It is said that it came to the temple of the practice very
I can feel the feeling.
I also climbed about ten years ago.
I’m really tired, but… (^^;


Deep Forest


It is quite solemn and it feels a violent wave.


If it is true, Mt. Fuji will be able to worship from here. (T_T)

There is also a historical building, tightening.

In addition, this is a “devout Buddhist” or
Supporters’s a place to go, so
Tourists are more preferred than they are.

But there is only a temple of ordinary Kamakura Buddhism
The general public has come as its own.

A tourist who likes shrines a mere shrine like me.
You have to keep manners properly…
And don’t forget to offering…

By the way, entrance fee is free.

Nagaira-ji Temple of the Tendai sect or the
The big temple of the Motoyama class in the mountain in the same way
It is often paid,
This is basically free, thank you (..) _

After leaving the temple and running for about 40 minutes, I opened it very much.

The station Fujikawa of the road is in such a place.

Devoured in the restaurant here, but
There seems to be a variety of menus…


Horse stings, chicken motu, and ears like can eat da!!


Open until 6 o’clock in the evening.
When I went to the fourth place, it was sold out quite a lot,
If it eats, it might be better to go ahead of time.

Especially, the ear is limited to 20 meals (..;)

Dozzle brother, but the numbers are all (; ́ д ‘)
↓ ↓

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