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Shizuoka/Yamanashi B-Class Trip (10) ~ Kofu’s Cheap onsen Visijo ~ “Hotel 1-2-3 Kofu” “Yamanashi Gozen” and the next day’s breakfast

Shizuoka/Yamanashi B-Class Trip (10) ~ Kofu’s Cheap onsen Visijo ~ “Hotel 1-2-3 Kofu” “Yamanashi Gozen” and the next day’s breakfast

Hotel 1-2-3 Kofu, Shingen Onsen
It was a real miracle that I was able to make a reservation on the day (^^)

I was always curious.
I wish I could stay at last. (^_^)/


It’s good to check in and go out to eat out.
It seems to walk a little everywhere.

However, there is the thing that there is a day bathing facilities in this place,
The cafeteria is also fully equipped.
It is good to stay here without walking.


It is hard to drink a draft beer at around 350 yen.
For now, I’m fried with edamame and tofu (^^)/ (^^)


The cafeteria is a meal ticket ceremony.
I feel like a lot of things a little higher,
Many of them are inexpensive.


One Cup, but local sake is also placed at a similar price.

In addition, the drink of the vending machine which is put in the cafeteria
It is also possible to eat with a meal.


Since there is also a third beer and sparkling liquor, the Tuhai,
If you want to make it cheaper, this is a good one.

Gozen Yamanashi wrote before,

Horse stings, boiled, and tossed
A taste of Yamanashi’s specialty…

Tempura is also sittin’.

Boiled, I wanted a little more amount… (T_T)
Delicious tempura was freshly fried.

I ordered additional, chicken skin ponzu vinegar,
It is a potash, and sake advances too much (^^)


The cafeteria will be the last order after nine o’clock,
I’m doing it until ten o’clock, so I can relax.

By the way
As in Sano’s Footbath,
It was caught by Basema here, too (̄ ̄;)

For older women
I wonder if we are just a good story??

Sake, because this is spicy, the wife was better to drink the opposite, I had a lecture (^^)

As I wrote at the beginning,
The hotel’s hot springs are freed to day-visitors,
The day-trip bathing fee is 500 yen.

Transpose the hot springs, the sexes steak with daily.
It is attractive to take a different bath at night and in the morning.

Like the Kazusa district of Chiba,
Light brown with a slight sulfur scent
The simple spring of the hydrogen carbonate system is used in the pour sink.


I borrowed a picture of where I’m going (^^;

Because there is a man and woman replacement system
Guests have the privilege to enjoy both bathrooms.
Every day, men and women change their bathrooms.

Because it becomes the bathroom different from the day before,
I want you to enjoy the morning bath.

Personally, the first floor, the outdoor Tsubo bath is the best recommended

The room was clean.
Unlike ultra-low-speed Wi-Fi anywhere in the seven convenience store,
Easy to connect and fast to process (^^)

Breakfast is a normal buffet of Visijo, until 9:00 a.m.


The hotel has a parking lot, and a couple of JPY 7300 with breakfast included
It’s a very exceptional…

There is no receipt of dinner and evening drink,
Meal ticket pictures If…


I can not expect the taste of specialty stores,
It’s hard to eat here when you’re tired.

Anyway, it was popular
The reason why it is difficult to take a reservation
Well, I understand…

The cafeteria is open to day visitors from noon.
Therefore, this Yamanashi gozen can be eaten in the daytime.

Other business hotels with Onsen near Kofu

Super Hotel and
There is a hotel Showa.

The above two places are better to eat dinner outside.
In the past, the Koshu motu boiled
I ate it when I stayed at a super hotel.

There is a hotel in Yumura, but this is a little higher.
I would love to stay there someday.
Bonus 10,000 yen after!!

Personal evaluation of Yamanashi Gozen

A horse Thorn was cut out, and the chicken motu wanted two after (^^;
Rice too big (^^;
It would be helpful if there was a relishes set of sake.

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