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Shizuoka-Yamanashi B-Class trip (11) Free attractions to add to the travel accent-kai Zenkoji & Mershan Wine Museum

Shizuoka-Yamanashi B-Class trip (11) Free sightseeing spot to add to the accent of the trip-kai Zenkoji & Mershan Wine Museum

The third day of the Last Days
We will continue to see the free spots and arrive home.

About 15 minutes from the hotel in Kofu,
Arrive at Kai Zenkoji

This is the Zenkoji temple in Nagano
The colors are different.
(Previous state. It’s the same Zenkoji temple!!


(For reference ↓, Shinshu Zenkoji)


It is the same as the position that the Mr. is putting.

However, Nagano is bare,
There was a face neatly here.

The present Hall is a reconstruction of the Edo period.
Still, the thing which is old architecture remains.
The atmosphere is very calm.


Kai Zenkoji is
If you are afraid of the fire of Zenkoji in Nagano, Shingen
It was built to move important things here.
(Excuse or not, dare not touch…)

Now, those things seem to have returned to Nagano,
It seems that there are a lot of valuable things left here.

By the way, there is also a reprimand around the temple in Nagano as well.
This one costs 500 yen, so I stopped it (-_-;)
By the way
The building next to the main hall seems to be able to visit this ticket.
I should have entered without being stingy (̄ □ | | | |!!)


The Great Buddha is Amida Buddha.

There is no formation of the shopping street in the temple town
There is only one tea house.

Thanks to the hotel’s Viking eating too much,
I can not eat Shingen ice cream (T_T)


Free parking.


The next stop was the Mershan Wine Museum.

The old warehouse has been renovated in the exhibition room.


Before the brewery,
There is a restaurant and a paid tasting corner,
Because I cannot drink sake by driving, and am not empty or,
Cancel here too (T_T)

If you come by train, with a knob that looks delicious
I want to taste wine (^ q ^)


For the place of this hand,
There are plenty of antipases,
And the price is reasonable (^^)/
If you’re hungry,
I bet it was a roll out… (^ Q ^)


Unfortunately, it is not possible to visit the currently running wine factory.

However, this exhibition room is worth a look.
The difficulty of brewing wine in Japan
I was able to feel it with my skin.

Before my eyes
The house which was related to the factory here was renovated.
Admission fee is 200 yen in the museum,
Gold… No, I don’t have time to stop it. F (^_^;

I was doing it in NHK.
Now we’re sponsoring Melshan.
Do not you make it somewhere about Coco??

If you look at the history of the museum,
I felt like I could do something dark about it.

Change the Taste
Change the hero every time,
It might be interesting to try Japan wine history by age (^^)

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