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Soul Food in Saitama, “Manmanju” & “Frozen Manchuria dumplings”

The Soul Food of Saitama, “Ten Thousand Stone Manju” & “Frozen Manchuria dumplings”

Saitama Kenmin
A million stone Manju famous enough to have no strangers.

Although it is said that there is no local love in the Saitama Prefecture,

That there is something that everyone can share,
I can feel that there are a million times more local love in Chiba 、、、

In Chiba, I envy you because there is no such thing to call all Kenmin common “watchword soul food” like…
Netherlands ya, there are many people who do not know 、、、

I remember
AEON This Koshigaya Lake town,
Ten million stone buns are in the tenant.


Maybe it’s the place where you buy ten million stone buns from Chiba with the Soka store!? ️

The rumor, Saitama version also found in the Shodo (b) plains?


Well, this is another good 、、、
I don’t eat five 、、、
Since the screening is almost finished,
The season is over, isn’t it?

It became a topic in the Land king of the TV drama,
Will be taken up to the TV and then
This is likely to be more scalable than a normal guy…

… So,
Buy only two normal roses.

The expiration date is within five days.
The sooner it seems to be delicious.


I remember
AEON in Lake Town,
I heard the word Saitama five times in the Shoon 、、、

Popular in the local, great 、、、 😨

And the taste is 、、、

The skin is sweet, it is decomposed by the tongue and it melts and it feels.
Bean Jam is not a sweet feeling, is it 、、、

You’re going to be able to eat this 、、、

And one more thing,
The Soul Food in Saitama
Manchu of Dumplings

Yakisoba Higashi-Murayama,
I bought ten million stone buns in AEON,
I stopped at the shop below Gamo station and bought it.

It’s three shots of today’s Emono!!
↓ ↓


Here’s the frozen dumplings
It is also one of the staple menu that appears at the table of the home of Saitama Kenmin occasionally.

Well, it’s not sold in supermarkets,
Because it is slightly higher than the super frozen dumplings,
At home, “small luxury dumplings” is a treat…

This Manchurian dumplings, each store is provided a bargain day twice a week.
HP is a must check 、、、

It might be interesting to try to compare it with dumplings such as the Ohsho, Korakuen, and Hidaka-ya sooner or later.

By the way, I also like Manchurian dumplings frozen,
I love the grilled buckwheat noodles eaten in Manchuria. (^^)/
I can drink beer when I do it with Alrelia (^-^)

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