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Tanba Gold Castle [1/2] Akechi Mitsuhide’s total stone fortress built by Tanba cheats

Tanba Gold Castle [1/2] Akechi Mitsuhide’s total stone fortress built by Tanba cheats

Tanba Gold Yamashiro is a mountain fortress built at the summit of the Kanzanzaka pass at the altitude of 540m, located between Sasayama City and Tamba City, in the process of Akechi Tanba. It is located in the place where it divides the Hatano Mr. Hachikami Castle and the Akai Castle in the ice-gun (west of Tamba) in Taki-Gun (east of Tamba), and it is actually able to overlook the eight JoJo Castle and the Black castle from the main Guo ruins. The stone wall of the field piling that Akechi Mitsuhide was built in the circumference of the main Guo is left in fragments, and there is a strange rock called “Bridge of the Demon” drawn in the ukiyo-E of Utagawa Hiroshige in the main Guo back.

Basic Data >
Name: Tanba Gold Castle (Wikipedia)
● Location: Sasayama City, Hyogo Prefecture/Tamba City ( map )
● Main building: Mitsuhide Akechi
-Castle: Around Tensho years (1578)
-Remains: stone wall, earth base, and inflection wheel

Visit Time: 2016.5
Visit to Tanba Gold Yamashiro-the one and two .

Visit >

kinzanjo-0359A distant view of Tanba Gold Castle. The highest point of the front is main Guo mark. I’m climbing over there from now. Altitude 540m.

kinzanjo-0360a-2940Kobe Shimbun General Publishing Center “Hyogo Castle New Edition” quoted from p.409. At the dashed route extending from the lower right, through the ruins of the temple, through the trail, through the trail of Baba, to the main Guo mark of the summit. The ruins of the stone wall seem to remain on the west side of the main Guo.

kinzanjo-0361It is a climbing castle. The Kanayama Mountain Trail is located on the side of the shrine shrine in the southeast of the castle ruins.

kinzanjo-0363The Golden Mountain Castle ruins explanation Board which is built at the entrance of the mountain Trail. The pronunciation is “Kinzan-Jo”. The stone fortress in Gunma Prefecture is the most amazing “kana Yamanjo”. It is said that Akechi Mitsuhide who had been doing the Tanba attack for six years Tensho built a steep fortress here which is the middle point to prevent being supported from the West Kuroi Castle after it first besieged the Castle in the east.

kinzanjo-0365The start of the climbing castle. It is spelled relented, and a quite steep slope continues. The trail of about 30 minutes climbed while taking a picture. Climb to be prepared.

kinzanjo-0368The stone steps extend to the side of the shrine. The stone steps are only in this area, and the road of the soil and the rock.

kinzanjo-0373The old stone torii of the deserted temple with a furry net. I knew the sign of “a thousand meters to the castle ruins of the Golden Mountain”, but I was dent. 1km of the flatlands and 1km of the mountain trail differ.

kinzanjo-0377The trail is quite ruggedness. The road which carried out the soil like Horikiri Road goes up to the left to the right.

kinzanjo-0379There is a place where a considerable rock was sharpened. Be careful because it is slippery. 700 metres away. It will tell you the remaining distance considerably sequentially. Thank you, it’s tough.

kinzanjo-0384It has climbed considerably. A little break in a good vantage point. It was written that it was 600m to the Golden Mountain ruins in the signboard which had fallen when eyes were suddenly done. Still dent in not doing even half.

kinzanjo-0385View from the point of 600m to the Kanayama castle ruins. Almost a mountain on one side. The field is made in a slight plain part, and the highway is passed through.

kinzanjo-0387It is a place where there is quite a height difference around here. Barely half, 500m.

kinzanjo-0394Arrived at the deserted temple. The walls of the stone wall suddenly appear in the mountains. If you come alone on a gloomy day, the weather is bad, maybe.

kinzanjo-0396The castle ruins are in this interior. It does not enter in the deserted temple, and proceeds to the back along the stone wall on the right side.

kinzanjo-0397I wonder if there was a hand in this area, and a lot of roads bend to the upper left. Finish like a tiger mouth.

kinzanjo-0400This is exactly the tiger mouth. It is a splendid gate if the soil is raised (or the center is scraped off) at both ends and the Kido is given.

kinzanjo-0400a-0402From the inside to the tiger mouth.

kinzanjo-0401The back of the tiger mouth is a fairly long, slender, straight ring. It’s Baba Trail.

kinzanjo-0405There was a sign of decay. Kanayama Castle ruins Baba ruins. Is there any way to decay if the wooden-Hyochu installed in 1984?

kinzanjo-0407Fork to go over the trail of Baba. It was also in the rope, and went to the left to the bridge of the demon, go right to the main Guo. To the main Guo without hesitation. Is there a lot of information board in the direction of the bridge of the demon hopeless without? By the way, it is careful because it goes to a different place called the jar discount pass by bypassing the castle ruins when going on the road on the right side not reflected.

kinzanjo-0408It is 100 metres from Kanayama Castle ruins.

kinzanjo-0411Looking at the side of the road, the climax which seemed to be a ground base was seen. Because I did not understand well from the bottom, I looked down from the top and photographed. I wonder whether this side was defending the wooden board etc. by arranging the ground base so that the attack troops from the Black Castle did not come up here directly from the slope in the direction of Tanba Kuroi.

kinzanjo-0412The top of the front slope is Kanayama castle ruins. Another breath. The last end is a structure that is greatly bent to the left.

kinzanjo-0413We arrived at the Mt. Kanayama Castle. Move to the left to the main enclosure. If it advances to the right, it is to the usual melody mark without the stone wall. First of all, let’s go to the right.

kinzanjo-0415The gold mine was rocky and the other side of the main Guo was exposed to bedrock. It might have piled up the stone wall in the main enclosure by cutting this rock. You don’t need to take it from the bottom.

kinzanjo-0418The right edge of the summit, the East End. There was nothing in particular that looked down. It is not understood to be too clear in the extent that it is slightly dented though the mark of the tiger mouth or vertical moat was drawn on the south side in the Nahari figure. Head towards the main Guo.

kinzanjo-0423Head to the main Guo. The top is a step higher in front of the main Guo mark. On the right side, we can see that the base is built on the north side.

kinzanjo-0429To Kanayama Lord Guo. This is the east end of the main Guo. The guide board is built.

kinzanjo-0431The story of Kim Yamashiro. It is written in the story about the Battle of Akechi Mitsuhide, Hatano Hideharu, and Akai Naoyoshi over the Golden Castle. It feels good to stimulate your imagination.

kinzanjo-0435On the left and right of the Guide Board of the Kim Yamashiro Monogatari, there is a place to overlook the “divided” Hachijo Castle and the Black Castle which comes out in the story, and-Hyochu is built. Although it is certainly visible from here, it is somewhat severe because it does not tell which mountain is eight Kamijo and Kuroi Castle. I’ll look at it for now.

kinzanjo-0435a-0432View from Kanayama Lord Guo to Hachijo Castle . The Golden Castle is 540m in altitude, and the Hachijojo is 460m altitude. Because the height does not change so much, is not the lower mountain in the foreground, and either of a higher mountain in the back? It was thought that it understood if it saw by the peculiar shape of the castle of eight, and did not understand. I would like to set up a guide board which indicates which is the castle of Hachijo!

kinzanjo-0437This is the Black Castle District. It is buried in a tree, but the direction where the-Hyochu wanting the castle of Black is standing. In fact, Black Castle is made to be easily distinguished because the mountaintop is cut down neatly though it is a state of which is the Black Castle as well as Hachijo Castle.

kinzanjo-0440View from Kanayama Lord Guo to Kuroi Castle . The mountain in the front of the mountain is a little more, and is brown the tree’s being cut down only at the mountaintop? That’s it, Castle Black. At that time, the tower and the flag were erected on that, and the smoke such as cooking went up, and it was obvious.

It goes to see the stone wall of the field piling and “Demon’s Bridge” finally in the second.

> > Continued to TANBA Gold Castle [2/2] . < <

Date of Visit: May, 2016
Photographic equipment: FUJIFILM X-M1 + XF14mm
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