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(Tentative article) Yamanashi’s B-class gourmet at once ~ Hotel 1-2-3 Cafeteria (day-trip hot spring)

(Tentative article) Yamanashi’s B-class gourmet at once ~ Hotel 1-2-3 Cafeteria (day-trip hot spring)

Blog Neta :

I am

participating in a Class B gourmet full !

Hotel 1-2-3 with Onsen in Kofu
We also do day-trip bathing and soak it at 500 yen a time.
Jimoti seems to have come considerably, too.

In order to take the demand of the meal of the day bathing guest,
Of course, the cafeteria is complete.

There is a set meal which piled up the B class gourmet of Yamanashi little by one dish (^^)

The Stew, the horse thorn, and the Koshu are gradually riding.
The main is not invisible to the vegetable heavens,
Because horse stings are expensive.

Well, not a specialty store, excessive expectation is taboo.

1480 yen is a little high,
It is not troublesome because it eats at one time.
If you spoil your eating, you should stop by here.


A double room is 7,000 to 8,000 yen.
It’s an expensive inn for us,
Breakfast (^^) There is a hot spring, so I’m glad.

On the day and the day before, the reason why it is impossible to make reservations
I feel like I understand.


Let’s say this article is a tentative article until the fall this article

Until the day before,
I came to the east of Shizuoka-east of Yamanashi,
Harvesting, moderate (^^)
Local B-Class gourmet × 4, one of the most famous shops in the region × 3 specialties
GET a B-class spot × 4
In September this article is not a bother to Neta (^^)

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