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The fortress of the castle along the old highway with a huge horikiri and stone wall: Fort Yasuguchi.

The fortress of the castle along the old highway with a huge horikiri and stone wall: Fort Yasuguchi.

Yasuguchi Castle remains on the mound along the old highway, which runs through the east and west of Tamba. Mr. Shirai (also referred to as Mr. Momii) of the Tanba Kunshu, who is the top of the Hachijo Castle , was defended by the Tanba attack by Akechi Mitsuhide of the Tensho period as well as other castles and it is transmitted. At the tip of the ridge is the Ankou Castle, which has a stone wall and large Horikiri, and the west side of the temple with a ridge-shaped vertical moat, and is often talked about in the set because it is next to the valley. Since I visited the Temple of the west of Yasaguchi by a set after the Yasguchi Castle, I introduce it in a set as the itinerary in this site. The east side of the Momii Castle , the position of the front.

Basic Data >
-Name: Yasuguchi Castle (in the ditch) + West Yasuguchi
● Location: Sasayama City, Hyogo Prefecture ( map )
● Main building: Shirai right near? Mr. Momii?
-Castle: Around the sixteenth century
-Remains: Horikiri, earth Base, Ishigaki, melody, etc.

Visit Time: 2016.5

Visit >

Tanba Yamashiro, No. 1, to Yasuguchi Castle. Naked sumkling. This is the name of the place to say.

hadakasu-jo-9560a-9693Located on the north side along the old road, on the front of the Momii Castle of Mr. Momii. On the other side of the bridge over the river, the top right is the Ankou castle, and the top left is Fort Yasuguchi.

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Ebisubashi Kosho Publishing [illustrated the “Castle of the Kansai III” p.418 quote. Because there was no explanation board, etc. in the locale here, it explains by quoting from the book. There is an established climbing road to the Yasguchi Castle, and the huge horikiri and the stone wall which separates them are left with the tune wheel which is neatly cut and is on the mountaintop. On the other hand, there is an atmosphere of the fort for the fight including a few ridge-like vertical moat in the back (west Side and eight Kamijo) though there is no climbing road (the slope is direct), and it is an impression of sweet old ruins of the cut equality of the tune ring. It’s two castles with totally different impressions. By the way, if you go along the ridge, you have to bypass the valley muscle that separates them, so it becomes quite large.

hadakasu-jo-9567Head to the castle ruins. First, we crossed the bridge and opened the fence to avoid the beast damage at the end.

hadakasu-jo-9568The slope continues into the mountain when entering the fence. Go straight ahead to the valley with the West fortress. Turning to the right to the east side with the Yasaguchi castle. First, head to Yasaguchi Castle.

hadakasu-jo-9570Turning to the right of the above photograph, there is a graveyard, and it goes out to the valley muscle which exists between Yasguchi Castle and the West Fort when going beyond there further. A bamboo Grove I can see the stone mossy on the right side, but with the charcoal field.

hadakasu-jo-9571a-9652Because the road to the mountaintop is made by the stone wall of the charcoal field, it climbs from there.

hadakasu-jo-9572a-9649It is hard to understand, but goes up along the net stretched on the slope. After a while, you can see the mountain path spelled broken.

hadakasu-jo-9576Ten minutes to climb to the top of the mountain. The entrance looks a little like a tiger mouth scraping but I do not know well.

hadakasu-jo-9577We arrived at the top. This is the largest main enclosure. Although it is planted now, it is quite wide though it cannot overlook the whole. However, the highlight of this main Guo is not the ground level but the surroundings.

hadakasu-jo-9579The ground base that is seen in the place where it has risen to the main enclosure. It is understood well that the wall is made by the soil when the entrance is looked back from the top and the tiger mouth is formed although it was not understood when seeing from the bottom.

hadakasu-jo-9580a-9587Attractions that one. Great cut shore. There is no round feeling seen in the mountain of nature, and the flat part and the slope part are made divided so that it bends with a cactus. Amazing.

hadakasu-jo-9583Attractions Part2. The Long stone wall (masonry) on the side shows the face while hiding in the withering grass and the soil whether the stone wall surrounded in the circumference of the main enclosure before. This is in the slope of the right hand entering the main Guo entrance.

hadakasu-jo-9586The stone wall of the main Guo right. Digging and may come out more, but in the place where you are exposed in a low masonry of 2-3 stages, it can be seen that it is piled considerably longer sideways.

hadakasu-jo-9587a-9615In the main Guo, the left side of the shore. The This one side is also amazing, and a steep slope is formed like the cliff. Moreover, the ruins of the stone wall remain on this slope. Since it is not likely to fall from here indeed, I try to find a place that seems to be descended.

hadakasu-jo-9588a-9605The wisdom of the ancestors, from where the red vinyl tape is attached, it seems to be descended diagonally. As long as I see it in the photograph, it seems to break spelled when it is a site.

hadakasu-jo-9589Going down the slope. Steep cliffs on the periphery of the main enclosure.

hadakasu-jo-9590a-9595And looking back, you can see the stone wall on the top of the cut shore. Let’s climb up there.

hadakasu-jo-9592Traces of stone walls remaining on the cutting shore around the main Guo.

hadakasu-jo-9593I looked for a little more, and there was just a little more. Since the withered grass is piled up on the whole, it might come out more when it is neatly maintained.

hadakasu-jo-9598The slope is descended as it is, and it sees the Melody group which was developed on the ridge in the main Guo East. It is a flat cutting.

hadakasu-jo-9603The tune group of the gradually rises up. The climax of the soil like the climb ground base like the slope which was in the melody on the way.

hadakasu-jo-9610Came back to the Lord Guo. Then, let’s go to see the huge Horikiri group which was developed in the west side. At the western end of the main Guo is a ground base like the tower ruins.

hadakasu-jo-9611Looking down on the west from the top of the soil, a huge horikiri cut off the ridge in a bold look below! It seems impossible to get down from here, so I wrap around and go to Horikiri.

hadakasu-jo-9648When you move sideways to the west of the main Guo slope in such a feeling, you have seen a huge horagiri!

hadakasu-jo-9620Great Horikiri of the main Guo West. The front is the main Guo, and the back is Deputy Guo.

hadakasu-jo-9627I looked up at the main Guo west from the bottom. A stunning V-shape.

hadakasu-jo-9629From the deputy Guo side of the large horikiri of the main Guo West. The other side is Lord Guo. It can be seen that there is a considerable height.

hadakasu-jo-9630Beyond Daihorikiri to Deputy Guo. The double Horikiri is built on the other side.

hadakasu-jo-9632sOn the west side of the sub-Guo is also the first base. The height of Horikiri is further emphasized when the soil base is built in front of Horikiri.

hadakasu-jo-9633It overlooks the double horikiri from the ground base on the west end of Deputy Guo. There are a lot of trees and it is hard to see, but two Horikiri are certainly seen. Let’s get down.

hadakasu-jo-9638sDouble Horikiri of Vice Guo West side. Here is Horikiri on the other side of the climax in the front and the back.

hadakasu-jo-9640Horikiri on the side of Vice Guo. The right side is deputy Guo, and the left side is the median of the double Horikiri (earth base).

hadakasu-jo-9642Horikiri and deputy Guo are seen from the top of the soil base. The ridge muscle which had been connected has been scraped off this much originally.

hadakasu-jo-9643Look straight at the vice-Guo direction from the top of the ground base.

Then, it descends, it enters the valley in the west from the entrance, and the slope is directly climbed, and it aims at the Yasguchi West Fort once.

hadakasu-jo-9656From the valley muscle on the north side of the west of the temple, we climbed to the west side of the castle. Just below the double Horikiri ridge-shaped vertical moat that was described in the first rope-clad figure. Central soil base is the median of double horikiri.

hadakasu-jo-9661sChange the angle a little. I have a pretty mokomako. Here, there is a Momii Castle which separates the road in the west side of Yasaguchi West Fort. A strong multiple Horikiri is provided on the side.

hadakasu-jo-9666sA double Horikiri feeling is emphasized and taken with an ultra wide angle lens.

hadakasu-jo-9671Double Horikiri from the Fort main Guo side.

hadakasu-jo-9675The inside of the fort is a number of cutting plains. The cut-flat is sweet, and the old impression is small compared with the previous Yasguchi castle. Rather than the castle, the impression that the garrison base of soldiers to ambush the Akechi army to the end.

hadakasu-jo-9682The east side of the fort (Yasuguchi Castle) also has some horikiri, which is shallow.

hadakasu-jo-9688Horikiri on the east side of the fort.

Momii Castle and Fort Yasuguchi are located at the front base of the castle. There seems to be a view of Mr. Momii from the position relation, too. It is a place where it wants to visit the castle ruins of the fortress for the fight and the residence which can be made firmly to some extent, and a set momii though the Yasguchi Castle and the castle in the second Tanba attack are good vain. However, the West fort is almost inevitable without a road, so be careful.

Date of Visit: May, 2016
Photographic equipment: FUJIFILM X-M1 + XF14mm
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